Those who oppose the use of Kall8 suggest that it is little more than an expensive way to gain a toll-free number. Certainly, Kall8 numbers don’t come particularly cheap but they are the archetypal example of getting what you pay for. The popular 800 number costs $5 a month and a $5 set up fee with standard charges set at 5.9 cent and 6.9 cent a minute. Additional extras such as vanity numbers and calls from certain states can be more expensive but Kall8 offers a huge array of features that makes the extra investment well worth it for any company. With features such as online tracking tools and the ability to analyze ad campaigns online, it’s no surprise to learn that Kall8 has a popularity that places it out on its own.

When you sign up for a Kall8 account, you automatically gain a voicemail service. This is incredibly convenient and basically acts as your answering machine. The length of each message is entirely up to you and it even allows you to dictate when the call is forwarded to voicemail. You can have voicemails sent directly to the email address you provided the company with. This means you can immediately listen to the voicemails regardless of where you are. Never again will you have to worry about hearing potentially vital voicemail messages until it is too late.

Stay In Control With Call Routing And Caller ID
You receive the phone number of the caller which ensures that you never miss out on business because a bad line caused you to take down a phone number incorrectly. Kall8 also gives you the ability to block calls from certain areas if you choose. For example, you may elect to allow the call to go straight through to voicemail or even have the service generate a busy signal to prevent the call from getting through. Alternatively, you can route the call based on location. For example, if you have a nationwide business, you can route calls to certain locations at particular times. Calls to the East coast in the evening can be routed to the West coast where it is still the afternoon.

You can use Kall8 to monitor and record phone calls. This is extremely useful if you need to record calls for training purposes or else you need to record information as a means of proving that they have authorized the use of their credit card for transactions. Also, if the caller uses abusive language or issues threats, you have recorded evidence which may come in useful if and when the perpetrator is caught.

Get Great Rates For Your Business
Toll free numbers are designed to ensure that customers have free calls and makes them far more likely to ring you up. However, you can also use a virtual calling card which allows you to make calls to Canada and the United States for just 6.9 cents a minute. You will be billed monthly.

If you can’t see the advantages of Kall8, your business is still behind the times and is unlikely to catch up if you have an inability to see a great opportunity to increase business by spreading your company’s net.

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