Ultimately, the small businesses that manage to move effectively with the times are the ones that will survive. Small companies that fail to use mobile apps are in grave danger of being left behind. A gap could appear between them and their more technologically savvy rivals that may become too large to bridge. An AT&T survey showed that 33% of small businesses admit that they would struggle to survive without mobile apps. An estimated 70% of small companies in the United States use mobile apps as part of their operations. So which mobile apps are the best? Here is a rundown on some of the most frequently used apps.

Best Marketing Apps

WordPress: This is a free mobile app which can be used with Android, iPhone and Blackberry. This is essentially a mobile version of the world famous blogging tool which enables you to make announcements, publish blogs, respond to comments and discuss promotions. You can even promote your company on Twitter from WordPress for extra exposure.

TweetDeck: This is unsurprisingly popular since it is basically the same as the desktop version of Twitter. It allows you to use several accounts and discuss the latest news in the industry, show pictures of your merchandise and talk to your customers. This is only available on iPhone but is free.

Foursquare: This is yet another free mobile app but unlike the others, it enables you and your customers to share important information about specific geographical locations. This is a great app for local businesses as users can view recommendations for local goods and services immediately. Foursquare is available on iPhone, Pre, Blackberry and Android.

Best Administration Apps

Dropbox: This is an excellent way to protect your files on the go. Dropbox offers up to 2GB of free storage space. If your files ever get damaged, you can simply retrieve them if you’ve saved them on Dropbox. This app also synchronizes files and allows you to share them. This is free and available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

FedEx: This app brings the reliability of this famous delivery service to your mobile phone. You can synchronize it with a FedEx desktop app and it also has the ability to store extra notes you make. It’s main use however is the tracking of packages. It is free and only available on iPhone.

Best Travel Apps

Garmin Mobile: This app may set you back more than $100 but it is one of the most comprehensive satellite navigation systems in the world. Thanks to Google Local Search, you receive points of interest located near you and directions that gets you to specified locations, quickly, easily and accurately. You will receive spoken directions with almost 6 million points of interest covered in North America alone. You also have constant access to the weather forecast, flight status, traffic etc. Why is this important for your small business? Because you need time to unwind and Garmin helps you enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Simply put, if you have a small business in the modern era, you cannot afford to miss out on the marketing opportunities afforded to you by mobile apps. You can reach more customers than ever and market even when you’re away from the office. Mobile apps ensure that you control your business, not the other way around. Use an online app maker to create your business app today.