user is a phone service that provides businesses in over 75 countries around the world the opportunity to offer toll free calls to their customers. Because of the organization’s range, you have the ability to establish a worldwide presence. aims to help businesses who have a desire to branch out internationally. As toll free calls cost nothing for a customer to use, such a number makes it more likely for customers to phone a particular company. The site counts airlines, call centers, marketing firms and travel companies among its customers.

Pricing offers a variety of packages and the rates charged depend on the phone numbers selected. For example, US toll free numbers forwarded to US phone lines will be less expensive than British toll free numbers forwarded to US phone lines. For US Customers looking to get business in the US, the charges range from $7 a month for 100 free minutes to $134 a month for 5,000 free minutes. On the cheapest package, extra minutes cost $0.06, dropping to $0.045 a minute on the 10,000 minute package. You can also save up to 20% by opting for an annual contract instead of a monthly one. There are also special fees such as a check return fee of $25 and call recording for $7 a month and $0.03 a minute. You can take advantage of a 30 day free trial as well.

You receive the usual features such as call recording, fax and voicemail but there are a host of other exciting additions. For example, you can utilize an auto attendant, automated greetings, choose the time of day to route the calls and choose international ringback tones. You also get an unlimited amount of mailboxes for voicemail with an unlimited number of extensions which each number.

Having a toll free number that links your phone to any other number in 75 different countries opens up a lot of potential business avenues. You can forward calls to any phone and receive calls from a mobile phone, soft phone, fixed phone and fax phone. It is also possible to link your virtual number to 15 different phones around the world at one time and even choose the first and last numbers to be rang. The worldwide reach of this system means that your business will truly be open all hours to everyone.

Although the prices seem reasonable on the surface, there are similar operations that offer lower prices. When you consider the fact that corporations are likely to be the main targets, the best plan would offer unlimited minutes with a specific monthly flat rate. There is no such plan with as there are a finite number of minutes allowed for free. As a result, your company is always faced with the threat of an unknown bill.

The call quality is excellent in most cases but the unknown cost is always going to be a problem. As numbers are prone to being recycled, you could end up being phoned by unknown people if the ex-owner of the number has advertised it. If you are looking to target major companies worldwide, you should perhaps look for a service that has an unlimited minutes package to save you nasty surprises at the end of each month.

Try for as little as $7 a month.