There’s really no reason a small business should be without an 800 number. Customers tend to trust companies with toll free numbers. The cost of this service has become incredibly affordable at rates as little as ten dollars a month.

Why Have a Toll-Free Number?

Toll free numbers were once something exclusive to major businesses. Because of this history, customers tend to associate a strength, stability, and trust with any business that has a toll free 800 number. Today there are many providers of 800 numbers, making it more affordable than ever. Small businesses and websites can now easily afford all the benefits of 800 phone numbers.

One advantage of an 800 is the image of a nationwide company. If the phone number on your company website is unknown area code to the customer, they will often think your business is just a small, local operation. However, an 800 number gives the customer a feeling that your company is a stable and nationwide. And, even though the cost of a long distance call is not really an issue anymore, customers tend to prefer making a toll free call.

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. If you happen upon a website that contains all the information you need and you are ready to buy the product that it sells, what do you do when you see a local phone number only? Do you think that the business is small? Maybe you think it is not very successful. Then again, maybe you just don’t want to flip the die for the phone call. More than likely you will click off that website and find one that has the same info, but that also offers you a toll free way to call.

If a customer is debating between two companies online with similar rates or service, providing them with an 800 number could be the tipping point. You can set up incoming calls to your 800 number to be forwarded to your cell phone, meaning even if you are out of the office you never have to miss a business call.

Consider these points regarding toll free numbers:

• Cheap: The impression is that only companies with big budgets can afford 800 numbers, but today this is not the case. There are many cheap toll free providers, with monthly rates as low at ten dollars.

• Reliable: Many of the providers have 24/7 customer support in the event you have any issues. Their technical support teams can assist you with setting up your voice mail and other features.

• Professional: There’s no question a toll free number improves the image of your business. Even if you’re just one person working out of your home, an 800 number can give customers the impression you are a big, stable business with employees.

With these features, why not get an 800 number for your business? You may even be able to find a vanity number to help your customers remember your number more easily.