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Review of RingCentral Mobile Service

RingCentral has quickly proven itself to be one of the best in the virtual 800-number service game. Their most popular product is RingCentral Mobile–a plan designed to help you run your small business with all the features offered by competing 800-number services have to offer, but without the hassles associated with traditional phone companies.

RingCentral Mobile will allow for customers to call your local or 800 number and have their calls answered right away. Your customers will never have to deal with a busy signal and even if they send a fax, that is handled with the service as well.

Basically how the process works, is that a customer will dial your local number or your 800 number and the call will be answered immediately with a recorded greeting. An auto-attendant gives the caller will a list of extensions that they can choose from to route their call to the proper extension or department extension within your business. For example a caller might hear, “Thank you for calling ABC Inc. For sales, please press one. For service, please press two,” and so on.

Once the caller chooses the extension they want then that person’s phone will ring. Here is where it gets interesting. You and your staff do not have to be in the same building, city, town, or even state in order for this to work. You choose the phones that will ring when an extension is dialed. The caller may think they are calling a Fortune 500 company even if you run your business from home.

Other features with the service allow you to be able to customize the greeting itself. Supply whatever information you would like, such as hours of operation, days that you are open, even the address to your business. Whatever you think a customer needs to hear before dialing an extension can be put on the greeting.

The best part of RingCentral Mobile is that it truly allows you and your employees to be mobile. No longer will you or any member of your staff be chained to your office desk. You can take phone calls and faxes anywhere you want to. You can even choose the phone that rings when a certain extension. This means that you can head out for that all important business meeting and not have to worry about missing that all important business call that will be coming once you get there.

If you do miss a call, there are voicemail boxes that you can set up for each extension. You can access these messages using any phone no matter where you are.

RingCentral Mobile also allows you to try the service before you decide to buy it. For 30 days the company allows new customers to try all that RingCentral has to offer with no strings attached. With an offer so good, you may just want to see for yourself if RingCentral Mobile is the solution you have been looking for when it comes to your small business 800 number service needs.

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