RingCentral, Inc. has been a BBB Accredited business since August 2004. This means it meets the BBB Accreditation standards. The Ring Central BBB rating is A+.

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RingCentral Online business telephone service makes every business better: more professional, more efficient and more profitable. They help their customers grow their businesses through easy-to-use features that improve productivity and give the business a professional telephone presence.

RingCentral – Affordable 800 Number Service with Many Useful Features

Businesses looking to build credibility may want to consider RingCentral. The referral code offered here makes their service an even better deal. This virtual 800 number service will enable your company to operate like a big and established business even if it is run from your own home. Even companies with only one or two employees will benefit from RingCentrals easy to use features. You would be surprised at how many more customers you will see simply by adding a toll-free 800 number to your business.

While many customers turn to RingCentral for their virtual 800 number service, many stay with this company for their extensive offering of useful business features.

Custom Voicemail: RingCentral offers easy to use and adaptive voicemail services. You can choose to record your own custom message or have your message recorded by a professional at RingCentral.

Fax by Internet: Don’t have a fax machine? No problem. With RingCentral you can easily send and receive faxes by email or online. Your customers will never know that your fax was sent from your email. Additionally, you can expand your business and save money by accepting orders by fax.

Custom Extensions: You can make your business sound bigger than it is by using RingCentral’s call routing feature. After dialing your 800 number, callers can be directed to one of many preselected extensions. You choose the available extensions yourself and can even select the phone that each extension will dial when selected. This will make your office seem larger and more professional. This innovative feature makes it easy to run your business from any location.

Hold music and advertising: Keep your customers entertained while they are on hold with RingCentral’s hold music offerings. If you would prefer to use hold time to educate customers about a new product or service, you can record an informative message for your customers to listen to while they wait.

Easy message alerts: Keep yourself informed and on top of your business with instant alerts to your email or PDA whenever you receive a message.

Calls from your 800 number: Using an innovative iPhone app, business can make calls that look like they came from your 800 number. This will allow you to make calls from anywhere while appearing to be in your office. It is an easy way to enjoy life while still effectively running your small business.

Call Screening: Do you want to know who is calling without making the commitment to a conversation? RingCentral’s call screening is the perfect solution. An automated attendant will answer your call and then inform you of the callers name and phone number. You can use this information to determine if you would like to take the call, reject the call or send the call to voicemail to handle later. This service will help you answer the important calls while avoiding unnecessary distractions to your work.

RingCentral is the perfect way for a small business to have the opportunities afforded to a larger business. Be sure to use the RingCentral referral code above to save $10 off when you sign up for service. They offer these innovative features and many more. If you are interested in seeing how an 800 number can help your business, RingCentral offers a free trial which will allow you the opportunity to get accustomed to their features without any risk.