user reviews of ringcentral officeFor the uninitiated, Ringcentral Office specializes in providing VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol services. They offer VOIP solutions to small and medium enterprises and businesses, a booming market that is both too big for consumer point-to-point VOIP providers like Skype, Gizmo Project and SightSpeed, and too small for big company providers like Cisco and Avaya who cater to businesses with over 500 employees.

Indeed, the SME (small and medium enterprise) market is just right for Ringcentral, and I am happy to report that most SME’s seem to have the same opinion of Ringcentral’s services for their VOIP needs.

Unique Selling Point

Poised to conquer the business end of the VOIP market, Ringcentral Office offers a unique self-service capability that will allow SME’s to buy and set up their own phone systems. These come with four hosted voice lines, hosted fax, call routing, unlimited long distance and pre-configured phones.

This is possible through an easy-to-use, web-based user interface. Through the website, users are able to control all facets of their account. The website allows users to tool around with their settings, allowing them to choose different caller greetings to suit the different times of day, assign extension numbers to different departments and determine what happens at the end of each of these predetermined extensions.

In all, this empowers small businesses to personalize their phone systems and have complete control over their calls, and to Ringcentral’s credit, they make sure that your calls get filtered so that important calls get through, while unimportant ones are relegated to the back seat.

Another cool feature of Ringcentral Office is their use of SIP connection which allows users to connect their calls to virtually any standards based SIP supported hardware – which is practically anything – from your cellphone to your VOIP hard line to your home phone. And, as if it isn’t already loaded with enough features, Ringcentral also understands that connectivity isn’t just about voice calls, but also other forms of data – which is why their service also provides fax sending and receiving as a standard offering.

With all those good things said, it is amazing that their best feature is yet to come. What really stands out about Ringcentral is the fact that they are the only VOIP provider who have the ability to provide an all inclusive pricing scheme without imposing any contracts. This is virtually unheard of in the business phone systems market, and it is precisely what Ringcentral is hoping will get them a fair share of the VOIP pie.

Standard Features

Regardless of which plan you choose to subscribe to – and Ringcentral has three – you can be sure to get the following staple services: virtual PBX, VOIP phone service with unlimited calling (depending on the chosen plan) inclusive of voice mail, auto-receptionist, call forwarding and other similar basic services.

Extras on Top

Other services are also provided by Ringcentral, but they are not standard and have a separate pricing scheme. For those who require toll-free numbers Ringcentral also provides this service and have, in fact, been doing so for several years now, and they are considered among the best in this area of business services provision.

Though Ringcentral offers a lot of features that are attractive and priced just right, there are still a few flaws they can work on, but in comparison to the rest of the VOIP providers in the market, you definitely cannot go wrong with choosing Ringcentral. With solid service, jam-packed features and an affordable pricing scheme, Ringcentral is undoubtedly, the best provider in the market today.

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