If you’re looking for a new virtual phone system for your small business, CallHippo is undoubtedly one of the most popular VoIP-based Virtual Phone Systems among small business owners today. It is easy to set up, easy to use, and offers a lot of different options that can help benefit a business and keep it organized and successful. 

As CallHippo says, “All you need is an internet connection, a computer and a headset.”

CallHippo prides itself on only taking three minutes to set up with its three steps, which include purchasing numbers, adding users, and then starting to make and receive phone calls. Small business owners can choose from over 50 country codes and multiple users can be added to the same number. 

Perhaps one of the most useful features of CallHippo that can benefit your small business is the “Activity Feed,” which provides call analytics, call recordings, and status reports. This helps small business owners visualize trends regarding call times, call durations, and call habits of a business’s clients or consumers. Listening back on phone calls is extremely useful if you or an employee can’t remember specifics about an important call or order. Of course, voicemail is included too. 

If your small business has multiple departments such as Customer Service, IT, Sales, and Human Resources, CallHippo is great because you are able to choose from seemingly endless numbers in many different countries and you can assign a different one to each department. These virtual phone numbers are incredibly useful because they do not require a landline or cellphone. 

CallHippo features integrations with other highly-utilized business solutions including Zoho, Intercom, Groove, Pipedrive, Slack, and more. These integrations can help your small business stay more organized and keep track of who is calling and when. Users are able to see other metrics such as which team members made or took the most calls and how many missed calls there were throughout any given period. 

Of course, CallHippo will let you choose your time zone, set your work hours, and forward calls to your voicemail system. The platform also lets you transfer calls, which is especially useful if your small business has multiple departments. When you’re busy, CallHippo can implement call queuing with hold music so your clients or customers can wait until someone is available. 

Exactly how many of these features you would get if you choose CallHippo for your small business will vary based on which plan you choose. CallHippo offers a bronze plan for $14/month per user, a silver plan for $18/month per user, and a platinum plan for $30/month per user. Of course, the platinum package will give you the most features, but depending on the size and nature of your business, you may not need all of the features included and the bronze plan may be fine for you. You can also contact CallHippo to inquire about a customized plan that will fit your small business’s needs. 

The total price of CallHippo varies, as the packages are the standard monthly fee as outlined above but costs will add up depending on how many minutes you use and which countries are being called or calling you. Of course, calls to and from certain countries will cost more than a domestic U.S. call, but the analytics feature of CallHippo will help you plan out how much “call credit” you might need in any given month. 

Although CallHippo’s features are great, users have reported that the system can sometimes be glitchy, but that seems to be a trend across all virtual phone systems. Small businesses that do a lot of international business can wind up with hefty charges each month due to the metered calling and varying call costs. Old-fashioned employees who like their desk phones are out of luck, as CallHippo is a computer-based service. Users also report that customer service is hit or miss, but most users are happy with the support available. 

If you’re looking to connect more with your clients or customers and want to do so by implementing a VoIP-based Virtual Phone System for your small business, CallHippo can be a great option. It’s quick to set up, easy to use, and can help you increase sales as well as improve communication and boost productivity.