Verizon is the most popular cell phone service in the USA. The plans of this company are generally thought of as expensive but their latest offerings are quite attractive for many cell phone users.

The Latest Verizon Cell Phone Plans Prices are worth looking into. Here are the major plans of Verizon. The costs mentioned below are just for the data package. You will also need to pay $20 for line access charge for a single line.


The small plan costs a total of $35 per month and gives you 2 GB data. This is the best plan for you if you don’t do a lot of live streaming or music. This plan works best for regular web surfing along with an occasional YouTube video. It is the lowest cost plan from Verizon.


This plan will cost you $50 per month. Just for fifteen extra dollars, this plan gives you an extra 2GB of data compared to the small plan. This means you get 4 GB of data for $70. You can carry over the data left over to the next month. You can do occasional movie streaming on this plan.


The large plan costs $20 more than the medium plan and gives you 8 GB data. You can easily watch an occasional TV show or two with this plan every month. However, just for $5 extra, you can get an unlimited plan so I wouldn’t really recommend it.


The last is Verizon’s unlimited data plans. If you are a heavy data user, then Verizon’s Unlimited plan is probably the best for you. There isn’t a single data plan in this category, but there are two different unlimited plans by Verizon.

The first is the Go Unlimited plan starts at $75 for a line. As you buy more lines, you get more and more discount per line which brings the cost of four lines to about $160 per month. It includes 15 GB of hot spot data which is capped at 600 Kbps speed. Video streaming in this plan is limited to 480-pixel display.

One downside of Go Unlimited plan is that you cannot use it while traveling in North American countries.

The second plan, Beyond Unlimited, starts at $85 per line and about $200 per month for four line. It also includes 15 GB of hot spot data per month. Beyond, this allowance, the speeds drop to 600 Kbps but you can continue using the internet. You can stream HD videos of 720p with this plan.

In both plans, the maximum data limit is 22 GB per month. Above that limit, the data speeds might get reduced according to the network congestion. This is common in most unlimited data plans.

Verizon Prepaid Plans

Apart from the plans mentioned above, Verizon also offers a lot of monthly prepaid plans. These monthly plans range from $40 per month which gives you 3 GB data to $80 per month for unlimited data. These plans include unlimited talk and text all over the world along with data carryover and mobile hot spot usage.