This post was updated in August 2020 to reflect new features and prices offered by Kall8.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your business looking professional while your employees work from home, it may be time to finally get a toll free number. Simply having a toll free number can give your business credibility and enhance your company’s image in the eye of the consumer. So even if your workforce is spread across the city or across the world, your business can continue operating like it always has. If you’ve been putting off getting a toll free number, now is the time. Finding the right number for your business is a piece of cake with services like Kall8.

What Is Kall8?

Kall8 is a virtual phone system provider offering a wide array of services to help your business improve your productivity and professionalism. Specializing in traditional 800 services, Kall8 provides you with a set of online tools that lets you manage and track your toll free numbers in real-time. Kall8 can help you get the toll free number you need to better track your marketing efforts, working with standard, repeater, vanity, and premium toll free numbers, as well as local numbers. Simply pick an available number and then instantly activate it and begin tracking it online.

Online Tools

The online user interface is one of the star features of Kall8, giving you complete control over your number. These online tools make it easy for you to change your ring-to number, get call detail reports, edit your features, and more, giving you real-time access to how your latest campaign is performing.

With the online dashboard, you can pull call history reports using a variety of filters such as calls from a specific number, length of the call, date, etc. This tool can help build your customer database and monitor your advertising campaign. Additionally, all real-time call info is stored for three days, letting you make those important follow-up phone calls to customers who were unable to get through.

The online system also gives you call analytics for each of your toll free numbers. With these analytics, you can track call duration and average call length. Additionally, you can look at the total volume and percentage of calls for each campaign. This can help you determine your ROI per call for each separate campaign you’re running.

You can also use the online user interface to listen to voicemails and read faxes (for those that are still old school). It also has an option to listen to any recorded calls. To make it easier to find the call you want to listen to, you can filter calls by date, lengths, and call to/from a specific number.

Standard Features

Kall8 is one of the more well-established toll free services available online, offering toll free, vanity, and local numbers. One of the things that set Kall8 apart from others in the market is the number of features that are offered to each phone number issued. These features help you get the most out of your toll free services.

  • Voicemail and Fax: Providing customers and clients a way to leave you a message is important so that you can follow-up with them. Kall8 lets you personalize your greeting and even specify how many rings before switching over to voicemail and the maximum length for messages.
  • Phone Conferencing: The ability to phone conference is as important as ever with remote teams. With Kall8, you can conduct conferences with up to 25 participants with no restriction on the length of the call. However, you’ll still have the regular per-minute charges applied to each participant that joins the call.
  • Call Blocking: Sometimes with marketing campaigns, you only want to work with callers from a certain region. Call blocking lets you block or allow calls based on area code, state, or even specific phone numbers. Kall8 gives you the flexibility to decide whether blocked numbers will be sent to voicemail, a busy signal, or continuous ringing.
  • Call Forwarding: With your workforce spread out across numerous locations or working in different divisions, Kall8 lets you automatically forward calls to different numbers. Calls can be forwarded based on time, day, area code, region, or state. This helps improve your customer experience by getting callers in touch with the right people.
  • Email Notification: Each time you receive a call on your Kall8 number you’ll get an email notification that includes the caller ID information of the caller, the number the call was directed to, the time of call, and the length of the call. This allows you to stay up-to-date on every call and your campaign in real-time.
  • Online Account Management: Every Kall8 number is given an online user interface that gives users the tools needed to manage your number. Being able to carefully manage and monitor your toll free number can help determine your ROI per number and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Enhanced Services

Even with all of these features that come standard with Kall8 numbers, sometimes you still need more. To help you get the most from your number, Kall8 has several enhanced features that you can add-on to your number.

  • Business Text Messaging (SMS): Gen X’ers and Millennials are notorious for not wanting to talk on the phone. Give these customers and clients a way to get in touch through text messaging. You can read your business text messages in your email or the online user interface.
  • Virtual PBX: This add-on gives you customized greetings, interactive menus, and extensions for your employees. This can help improve efficiency, save employees time, and get the caller in touch with the right person in your company. 
  • Hunt Groups: Make sure your calls are answered with this special add-on. Opt for the call to be sent to the next number of the list or the number on the list after the number that answered the last call- the choice is yours.
  • Call Announcement: Let your customers know about your latest promotions and offers with a call announcement. Customers will hear this announcement when they call your Kall8 number.  
  • Call Recording: Whether you want to keep your calls on record or are looking for random call recordings, Kall8 has the perfect add-on. Use these recordings to train employees, improve customer service, and resolve disputes.
  • VoIP Termination: With VoIPs becoming more popular, Kall8 offers an add-on that lets you use both a VoIP and a standard landline. So no matter your current office setup, you can receive calls on your Kall8 number.

What Could Be Better

Kall8 has been around longer than other toll free service providers in the market. This being said, the online user interface is developed primarily for use on a desktop or laptop without an option for a mobile app. However, a workaround for this is the email notifications that let you know a call is incoming or even the use of a VoIP number on your cell. Some users may also be put off by the more basic online user interface as it doesn’t have the modern design that is more common in today’s environment.

The Verdict on Kall8

All-in-all, Kall8 is a reliable and user-friendly toll free service. If you’re looking for a way to make your business look professional or to enhance your marketing effort, consider using Kall8’s service. The standard features give you flexibility in managing your number and the overall customer experience. If you have any issues, the Kall8 customer service team is ready to help get you set-up and address any problems or questions. Check out Kall8 and get your new toll free number today.

Kall8 Review: Toll Free Numbers and Call Forwarding

Kall8 is a toll free 800 service that was established by Joel Eisenberg, founder of ITL International Telecom Ltd., one of the pioneers in the telecom industry. Kall8 works by providing toll free service that allows you to reroute your phone calls to any designated number of your choosing. Be it your cell phone, home phone or office phone, Kall8 has the capability to forward your calls to you virtually anywhere in the world.

Just like a standard PBX or private branch exchange service, Kall8 offers many of the services you will get from similar companies. This includes voicemail, inbound faxing, call forwarding, custom routing, automated attendant and vanity numbers. But unlike others, certain features of Kall8 set it apart from the rest of the competition.

kall8 Features to Love

One of the best things about Kall8 is the fact that they let you change your ring-to number instantly, without having to go through tedious paperwork and the arduous task of waiting for days for the service to finish processing. This feature is one of its best because it allows users to have flexibility, especially for those who travel a lot and need to constantly reroute their calls to different places depending on where they are. It makes sure that you don’t miss important phone calls just because you’re on the road or up in the air.

Another thing to love about Kall8’s toll free 800 service is the fact that it offers traditional 800 services that can be controlled and tracked fully online. You can activate, forward your numbers, view calls and analyze ad campaign results all through their simple, easy-to-use web interface. This definitely makes it easier for the average consumer to keep track of his account.

On the Downside

Kall8, however, isn’t without its flaws. Some criticize it for its lack of a wider range of free services included in its monthly billing, unlike its competitors who pack a lot of services for a reasonably higher price. It is important to note that Kall8’s 5-dollar monthly charge is cheap precisely because it offers only a simple, stripped-down service that doesn’t force too many extra features that may or may not end up unused by the customer. Instead, Kall8 offers these services at an extra cost to the customer and is an optional service.

The long and short of it is that Kall8 is a reliable 800 service provider with low rates and good features for your money. It is highly recommended for users who want a simple, no-nonsense service without all the bells and whistles that come with a higher price.

Read the following customer reviews of Kall8 to help you decide if their 800 number service is right for you and your business.