Are you ready to expand your business and get a more professional look? You can increase your professional image in a good way with a toll-free vanity number.

Here are the five best ways to choose a vanity number that will be as memorable as it is professional.

#1 – Be an 800 number if at all possible
If you’re wanting to have a toll-free number that will be easy to remember, be sure to get one that starts with 800 rather than 888, 866, or 877. Even with those additional exchange numbers being more common, people STILL refer to toll-free numbers as “800 numbers.” It’s ingrained in our culture. But if your particular vanity number is taken as an 800 number already, there’s little you can do about that. So, if backed into a corner, take an 888 number instead. 888 is a tad more familiar than the other exchanges.

#2 – Spelling simplicity, please
Make sure that the vanity number you choose is easy to spell. That will make it much easier to remember. If you’re a floral shop that specializes in wedding arrangements, ensure that your number is simple, such as the famous 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-FLORIST. That would be much easier to remember what you do, and you’ll attract much more than just wedding business.

#3 – The number is the advertisement
In conjunction with #2, you are using a vanity number to advertise what you do. Help make it simple — choose a number that will tell people what, not who. For example, if you own a business called Melanie’s Catering, don’t make the number 1-800-MELANIE — that could be anything. 1-800-GOURMET would be a much better choice.

#4 – Hybrids versus Full Vanity
If at all possible, use a full vanity number rather than a three-digit exchange followed by the four-digit word. Numbers are much more difficult to recall than names. Therefore, the best choice is a single name or words — such as 1-800-FOODIES over 1-800-989-FOOD. If you run a life coach center, you would be better off with 1-800-HELPFUL rather than 1-800-588-HELP. Because you don’t want it to become “1-800-some numbers-HELP,” choose a single phrase or word instead.

#5 – Put that number everywhere
Once you have chosen a vanity number, you need to commit to putting that number everywhere. You paid for it, so get full use out of it. Put it on your business cards, packaging, fliers, windows, doors — everywhere. Make sure it sticks out in people’s minds as part of your business. Ever notice that certain shipping companies use their 800 numbers all over their packaging? Bet you can recite at least one of them by heart. Why? Because you see it all of the time, on all of their packaging, trucks, uniforms, etc.

These five tips will not only help you choose a memorable vanity number, but use that number to your best advantage. Make it part of your advertising for best results, and you won’t be disappointed.

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