In the not so old days having a toll free phone number meant going with a bunch of sophisticated machinery, signing a long-term contract, and paying a lot of money, but in today’s tech-friendly world there exists companies like Grasshopper that offer virtual 800 numbers. Virtual 800 numbers turn your small company into a large multi-national level company; at least that is what it will seem like to the customer who is calling.

With a virtual 800 number you can have someone call your designated 800 number and that call will get routed to your phone, a phone at your office, or any other phone you choose. This gives the person calling the feeling that they are dealing with a huge corporate giant even if you do run your business out of your garage.

While there are a number of these virtual 800 number companies out there today, there are few that can match the services and features of Grasshopper at the low price the company has. Grasshopper’s services start at just $26. For this price you’ll get unlimited minutes and these features:

• Support of any Number: With Grasshopper phone service you can get service for any local number as well as any 800 number. They also offer the ability to ‘port’ over your existing 800 number allowing you to switch and still save.

• No Contracts: With Grasshopper there is no long-term commitment that needs to be made. You simply pay by the month and that is it. They even offer you a 30-day money back guarantee so that you can be sure you are happy with their services.

• Professional Feel: If you have more than just yourself working for your business Grasshopper makes it easy to get that professional feel. When someone calls your 800 number they will hear a custom greeting that you design. They offer unlimited extensions that will ring the phones you designate and also have little features such as on-hold music that will play. A customer that is being routed to the department of their choice will have no clue as to how small your company may be and will think that they are calling corporate leader.

• Connectivity: Grasshopper offers a wide variety of services all geared towards helping you stay connected with your company and your customers. Each extension will have a voicemail set up for it and the voice message can be delivered to your e-mail, fax, or even iPhone or BlackBerry. There are also features such as call forwarding that allow you to stay connected without being chained to your desk and you can also set up things such as conference calling in a snap. They also offer a way to get your faxes without a fax machine via their virtual fax service.

In business these days you almost have to have an 800 number. Obtaining one will take you from being just a local business to being a national business in a snap. Thanks to the ease of use and the low cost of companies like Grasshopper, staying connected and coming off like a Fortune 500 company is a piece of cake.

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