When customers see an 800 number they instantly assume that your business is large and established. While this effect is beneficial for all businesses, it can prove especially useful to small businesses as it can allow them to attract more customers and provide service to bigger and more reputable clients. If your small business is thinking about getting an 800 number, make sure you first consider some important information. You need to know how the service will be installed, what you will be getting and how much you will have to pay. Make sure you obtain this information before entering into any contracts.

How to Setup
Technology advances have made it easy to setup an 800 number. In fact, many services are available online. You will simply log on to their website and register. The process only requires a couple of minutes to complete. Getting a number can take a little longer. Expect to wait a couple weeks although some providers can get the number to you much quicker. Basically you will get an 800 number and tie it to a secondary number. This secondary number will ring anytime your 800 number is dialed. An automated assistant will first the call and direct them through an automated system upon which your number will be dialed. The process is very easy.

Services Provided
The services provided with your 800 number will vary depending on the company that you select. Some of the most common services include automated answering, caller ID, call waiting, forwarding, voicemail, hold music, specialized call listings and more. These services make the 800 number experience more adaptable to the needs of your business. Standard features are available through most providers. Some 800 number services also offer more advanced or specialized services. These specialized services vary from provider to provider. If you are considering an 800 number service, make sure they offer the services that your business requires.

How Much Will It Cost?
Sure, you could go out and get an 800 number from your phone company. If you choose this option, plan on spending quite a bit. If your small business needs an 800 number, it is usually best to work with one of many 800 number providers online. Generally two pricing schemes are offered by these companies. Some have you pay the minute for all calls to the 800 number plus a minimal monthly fee. The other option is a more substantial but set monthly fee. Depending on your business’ usage, your needs will vary and it may take some time to select the option that works best for you. Talk with various companies to find a payment plan and pricing scheme that works for you.

If you have a business, you can have an 800 number. It will help you to attract additional customers and establish a stronger clientele base. The many 800 number services online will have options that will work for businesses of any size. Installation is simple and the results are often substantial.

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