Let’s imagine you have a domain, www.tastyberry.com.  It gives your company, TastyBerry, a strong market presence; it personifies your brand; and it makes it easy for your customers to find you—with a name they recognize and respect.  So…let’s extend that to your 1-800 contact number!

Vanity Numbers

A so-called “vanity” phone number is no more of a vanity than bringing a boat to go fishing.  A boat gives you access to more fishing territory than merely standing on the dock, and similarly an 800 number brings you more customers from a much broader area.  Select 800-TASTYBERRY as your contact point and you instantly make it much easier for your customer to remember you without having to look up the number.

Getting Results

Custom Toll Free does precisely that.  It is so much easier to say “give us a call at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE for more information” for our customers.  And now that will stick with you for when you want to call us!  And there are numerous benefits that can multiply your Return on Investment, such as:

  • Instant recognition by customers
    • Clients remember how to find you at re-order time
  • Increases your response rates
    • When it’s easy to get a hold of you more people are going to call!
  • Creates instant prestige
    • You benefit from years of marketing by companies using 1-800 numbers
  • Creates instant credibility
    • Businesses with vanity numbers are perceived to be established and reliable
  • Increases consumer trust
    • Your customers are confident doing business with you, and they’ll recommend you to others
  • Creates a strong presence in the market
    • You appear more established and worthy as a business
  • Maximize your ROI for advertising
    • Your advertising dollars go further when your number is memorable and the customer doesn’t have to write it down

And there are plenty of other included benefits, too!  You can select any valid number for your 1-800 number to ring through to; you can choose to receive your faxes and voice mails as e-mail text messages; you can store 50 messages for up to one month; you can create a conference call with up to 25 participants; and you can block calls from areas where you don’t do business.

And speaking of blocking calls, you can even block specific phone numbers, or redirect them to a busy signal, an error message, or send them directly to voicemail.  And callers can’t hide their phone numbers with our Non-blockable Caller ID, allowing you to rid yourself of problem callers and making it easier to return calls to clients.

And, of course, it’s possible to forward calls seamlessly to any other number based on the time of day, area code, or even a specific number.  It will be undetectable to the client.

For Example

Let’s say you’re a small plumbing company.  You might only want to receive calls from 1-800-PLUMBING in Rhode Island, or maybe Connecticut and Massachusetts, but there probably wouldn’t be much point in receiving calls from Utah, Idaho, and Nevada.  We can do that with a shared 800 number that only works in a specific area.  They’re less expensive than an exclusive national number because someone in California or Florida can use that number locally, too, reducing the cost.

With the basic plan they provide 100 minutes per month, and you can set an automatic cut-off for calls to conserve your time.  You can also set the maximum message time for voicemail.

There are numerous reporting tools to assess and analyze your call details and perform campaign analysis.  You can even receive an e-mail whenever your 800 number receives a call, which includes the Caller ID, who received the call, and the minutes spent on the call.

The Takeaway

Custom Toll Free’s support staff is waiting to help you secure your perfect 800 number.  They will help you make smarter, faster, and more economical choices that directly impact your brand, and increase your bottom line.  They’ll guide you toward making informed, educated decisions about which intellectual property is going to be the best fit for your business.

Custom Toll Free is ready, willing, and able to work on your behalf and help you make great choices.  Visit them today at customtollfree.com and one of their experts will be happy to take care of your needs.