If you don’t already use a service like Grasshopper for your business, then you might want to start thinking about doing so right now. Grasshopper Connect has a texting feature that lets you text from a business number using the Grasshopper app. Even though you will still be sending texts on your personal phone, recipients will only see your business number so it will look like you’ve been using a work phone to contact them. There are several benefits of using the Grasshopper Connect texting service:

  • You’ll be able to respond to calls that you can’t take in a meeting in a very discreet way.
  • It provides your customers and clients with a different way to communicate with you. These days, most customers tend to prefer texting rather than picking up the phone and speaking to someone.
  • You can send out appointment and meeting times so that everyone has them in writing. That way, they are a lot less likely to forget about them.
  • You can text and call at the same time if you use the Grasshopper desktop app. So, you don’t have to ever miss a call just because you are busy writing a text.
  • You’ll be able to send MMS pictures to customers and clients.
  • You can enjoy this service for free if you sign up to the introductory free trial.

Using the Grasshopper Connect texting feature will certainly revolutionize the way you communicate with clients and customers. Why not give their free trial a go and see how you get on with it?