While starting a small business can be fulfilling, they face many challenges compared to bigger, more established companies. For starters, it’s natural for consumers to believe that a larger company means that it’s a successful company. Bigger businesses also have bigger budgets and lower operating costs that can make it difficult to compete. The good news is that you can overcome these challenges and make your small business look and act big while you grow with VirtualPBX.

What is VirtualPBX? 

VirtualPBX is an award-winning VoIP provider. They offer a variety of business phone plans to suit the individual needs of your business. When your staff is working remotely, VirtualPBX seamlessly integrates VoIP with your existing phones, allowing your company phone calls to be taken over the Internet rather than a traditional phone line. VirtualPBX’s customer support means you’ll be able to work through any tech issues without needing your own IT department. You can use VirtualPBX with your cell phone or a web phone, meaning there’s no additional cost for hardware and equipment, just use what you have and have the phone system you need for your business.

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Why Look Like a Big Business? 

Every business starts as a small business. But, appearing like a big company has its advantages. For starters, when consumers think you’re a big business they tend to take you more seriously. This can also give your business more credibility. Essentially, when your business appears big customers assume that you know what you’re doing. Sometimes all you need to do is play the part, even if you’re still working on getting there. 

Ways to Look and Act Like a Big Business

Even if you’re just starting out, there are ways to make your business appear bigger than it is. Using a VoIP service like VirtualPBX provides a phone service that can help instill confidence in your customers that you know what you’re doing. Here are some of the ways VirtualPBX helps you look and act like a big business. 

1. Get Business Calls No Matter Where You Are

There’s nothing worse than a customer getting sent to voicemail and not being able to speak to someone. With VirtualPBX’s Follow Me Calling, you can set up the order you want your devices to ring so that you never miss a call. This means that you’ll still get your call even if you step out of the office. You can also use the Call Blasting feature to have all your devices ring at once. These features let you use even your cell phone without having to reveal your personal number to your customers. Always being able to get in touch with someone gives the impression that you have enough employees to take care of your customers.

2. Customize Your Call Flow

VirtualPBX’s Auto Attendant lets you design the way your customers interact with your brand via the phone. This means you can create an introductory greeting, have customers use an extension prompt, be directed to certain individuals or departments, or go straight to voicemail. Being able to customize your call flow means you have complete control over your customer’s experience when calling your business. This can make your small business appear bigger by having multiple department extensions such as sales, customer service, etc. 

3. Use a Phone System That’s Right for Your Business Size

Sometimes as a small business you don’t need all the features a VoIP may offer. With VirtualPBX there is seamless scalability. So whether you have two employees or thousands, there is a business phone plan that works for your company. As you grow you can easily add on the additional features you need. VirtualPBX’s basic plans include toll-free or local numbers, a free Wweb Pphone, and call forwarding. Additional features are available depending on your company’s needs. This means you can make your business appear as large as you want with minimal costs, only paying for what you want or need. 

4. Give Customers a Toll-Free Number

Toll-free numbers continue to be popular with businesses of all sizes. For starters, having a toll-free number makes your business look professional, enhancing your brand image and credibility. Additionally, a toll-free number can improve customer satisfaction and makes your business phone number easy to remember. VirtualPBX has a database of phone numbers to choose from, helping you find the one that is right for your business. You can keep your existing local number too. 

5. Help Your Customers Get the Right Person

The speed at which you can help customers goes a long way in creating lasting, positive impressions. Likewise, customers want to be able to call your company and get in touch with the right person. There’s nothing worse than being routed and re-routed through a phone system trying to get in touch with someone. This is where VirtualPBX’s ACD Queues are helpful. ACD (automatic call distribution) queues can help minimize customer wait time and helps you ensure that your queues are well-staffed. VirtualPBX’s ACD Queue can be customized, giving you control over the customer experience by using features that limit call wait time before moving to the next agent, call wait time before moving on to the next action (voicemail, etc.), and so on. This helps give your growing company the flexibility it needs while also keeping your customer’s experience in mind. 

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VirtualPBX is one of the best VoIP phone services in the industry. They work with companies of all sizes from small companies to large corporations, with 85% of their customers recommending them to others. It is VirtualPBX’s flexibility that helps them stand out from the competition, giving their customers options and controls for every feature. If you can’t figure something out, their white glove customer service will help you make sure your phone service represents your brand the way you want it to. So if you’re looking to make a good impression on your business prospects, consider getting started with VirtualPBX today!