These days you simply cannot run a business of any size without reliable internet connectivity. This will hold true even if you don’t operate any sort of e-commerce web portal. Social networking is crucial to the process of attracting new customers or clients and branding your business, and a quality blog or website is now far more effective as your billboard and digital storefront than a brick and mortar location. Ethernet service is an excellent choice. It offers a wide range of packages, is generally reliable, provides the flexibility you’ll need and comes at a fairly low monthly cost. But how do you choose between the dozens of products on the market? Here are five things to consider when selecting an ethernet service for your business.

First of all, how flexible is the product being offered? This may well be the first priority for your business. A company’s network grows with the staff, and will need to evolve organically along with the requirements of your daily tasks. Make sure the ethernet company you are considering gives you a quick service timeline for additions and subtractions of ethernet ports. Ideally you should find a company that can change any element of your service in as few as three days. That way you won’t lose any productivity while adjusting your service.

You’ll also need ethernet service that is easy to scale in either direction. Monthly expenses must be closely managed in any business. These days it’s difficult to get top price for your services. The long recession ate into most people’s disposable income, and the majority of shoppers now make their choices with price as the core determinant. You shouldn’t have to buy additional ethernet service in huge chunks. The goal is to scale in incremental steps, adding applications and additional bandwith in the exact amounts to fill your needs. This keeps your workflow efficient while managing expenses for success.

Thinking about bandwith, that’s another point of consideration when choosing ethernet service. You’ll see options as fast as 100Gbps and as small as 3Mbps offered to businesses by most service providers. But how is the proper bandwith determined for your business? Ethernet service is grounded in speed and efficiency, but if the service provider doesn’t give you a wide range of options, you might find yourself paying for more service than you need, or less than what would provide you with optimal efficiency. Make sure there are a wide range of options, and the ability to change at any time without having to renew a contract.

Next you’ll need to consider reliability. Does the service provider have a track record of few interruptions and quality customer service? No ethernet provider is perfect, and it’s impossible to guarantee uninterrupted service. But constant connection losses will cripple your ability to do business. Your ethernet partner should react to network disturbances quickly and efficiently, and maintain open communication about the process.

Finally, don’t forget to ask about security. Internet security is incredibly important, especially as more and more businesses store delicate financial and customer data online. You’ll find that keystone jacks alone won’t solve the problem, and if your business gets any sort of reputation for privacy issues you could find your customers swiftly flocking to one of your competitors. Make sure the ethernet provider you choose has a clear security and privacy process, and that it is current on the latest techniques.