If you’re looking for ways to motivate your staff to deliver better results, take your eyes off of the computer systems and think about the office itself. If you check out the headquarters of some of the most successful companies you’ll find that each and every one designed a unique and modern workplace. Gone are the days of gray cubicles and white walls, at least at the companies that are thinking about the future. A unique working environment will energize your staff and make sure people are excited to come to work every day. If you don’t focus on a quality environment, you’re living in the past. Here are five creative ways to modernize your workplace.

First of all, consider going minimal. Not all modern workplaces are clean of clutter, and this design aesthetic won’t work for every company. But you’ll probably find an improved workflow and better energy across the board if you clean house and streamline things. Look for spaces with high ceilings, lots of light and very few surfaces to cover with clutter. Office upkeep will be a lot easier as well.

Next, abandon the individual workstations for a more communal workplace experience. You want your staff to be able to bring in personal touches from home, but modern workspaces aren’t usually laid out that way. Instead, pick nice desks and ergonomic chairs, and set them up without separating walls. Run power and broadband connections to each station, and then let people pick and choose where they want to work. The best locations in the office will get snatched up first, which will also give people incentive to come in early.

Another great way to modernize your office is to mix building materials. If your workplace is a uniform color, with the same fabric, plastic and metal covering everything you’re not doing anyone’s creativity any favors. Don’t be afraid to switch things up. Bring in wood details, change up the color schemes, and even give people a lounge area with astroturf under their feet. It gives the eye something to focus on when one of your employees wants to take a moment away from the computer, and you’ll notice more of your employees choosing to take their lunches at the office.

If you are going to differential the workspaces, do so in a creative way that fits your brand. Remember, a creative, modern workspace won’t only impact your employees, but the clients and customers who stop by as well. So think about your business and create individual or group workspaces that fit the vibe of your work. Set up one room trailers, or wooden shacks. Divide the desks with potted plants or trees. Even consider simply using bright colors to separate the spaces. Whichever direction you choose, make sure it’s inspired by your company’s mission.

Finally, take that money you would have used to buy office cubicles and invest it in creative lighting design. Nothing makes an office more boring and uncomfortable than those huge squares of fluorescent lighting embedded in the ceiling. Create track lighting, which will actually make the space seem bigger. Set lights over the artwork, or pointed at the unique design elements of the office. Play with colors and textures, or feature daylight for a vibrant space. Just remember that small lights set throughout the office are far more enticing than bland light that blankets the space.