Wire, wire, wire – it’s a truly wired world. However, whether you have a small, medium, or large sized business with a reliance on a multifaceted telecommunications and data system, chances are, you have too many wires and lack an efficient way to organize them. A structured cabling system is a revolutionary new way to consolidate with one highly condensed system for all of your cables – for voice and video communications, Internet, multimedia, and more. Without a structured cable, your business might not be able to connect to the world and operate as efficiently. Not only that, but structured cabling is cost effective, versatile, and very easy to operate. Here are 5 benefits of structured cabling for your business.

  1. Affordable installation. Having a different wiring system for all of your equipment and each different vender can be incredibly expensive. Moreover, each vendor might charge a certain amount per construction and installation. Yet, by integrating and structuring all of the cable, you can save your business up to 40%. This is because you are dealing with one type of cable and one contractor to do the job. Not only that, but they can get the job done faster – instead of waiting for different contractors.
  2. Cost effective upgrades. If you have multiple different wires for each one of your systems, it can be a virtual nightmare to move, repair, upgrade, or even remove all the wiring. By having one focused system, making upgrades is much easier. In fact, you won’t have to shut down your business for multiple days while you go offline to make the upgrades. Upgrades can be done in a single night – without having to go offline. In most cases, you will be saving almost 50% in upgrade costs and the revenue you would have lost if you took your business offline.
  3. Uniformity. By having one type of wiring throughout your business, like express data network cable wiring, you have a unique sense of consistency and uniformity. You don’t need to worry about having a number of different wires – some not being the same color, thickness, or even the same bandwidth. Sometimes it’s what’s inside the wiring that counts – some wiring might not have the same capacity as other wiring, which could leave one component of your business running faster than another.
  4. Versatility. With one type of wiring, or with a structured cabling system, you can have a number of different manufacturers or platforms on one single platform. There are a number of benefits that come with streamlining all of your platforms – mainly you don’t need to hire a specialized person to make adjustments or repairs on each system, which can make troubleshooting much easier. Also, you’ll have problems fixed much sooner.
  5. Make future changes much easier. One of the best parts of getting an integrated or structured cabling system is that you can replace the system with faster cables if they become available in the future, which is especially important when it comes to internet speed. If you want to connect with the world faster and more intuitively, your business will surely benefit from a structured cabling system.