A small business is tricky to run in today’s economy, and a toll free number can be a tremendous asset to your business. There are a number of reasons why having one can benefit you and improve the accessibility of your business.

Contrary to what you may believe, a toll free number is not expensive. A quick search of the Internet will give you a number of low cost options from which to choose. Prices can vary a great deal depending on what type of extra services you’ll want, and how much you think you’ll be using the number. You may be surprised at just how affordable it is, and having one can truly level the playing field for your business.

One advantage for your business is that some plans will only charge you for usage, or the calls made specifically to that number. That means that your bill won’t be unusually large if you are a small business without a large customer base from which to draw. This can add to the affordability factor.

One of the most beneficial aspects of having a toll free number is that it is completely portable. If you start a business in one location and find you have to move down the road, you’ll take that number with you wherever you go, without any interruption in service or confusion for your customers. Local numbers might not have that portability, so this can be an important perk to consider for you.

There are a wide variety of features available with packages, too, that can be very helpful to your business. Most offer an announcement feature, so you can set up a greeting that speaks to your business and gives the impression you’re looking to create. Typically, you can also screen calls, record them to be sure you’re giving the best customer service possible, and forward them to any number you choose. If you’re a one man operation, for example, this can be extremely helpful as you can choose to forward calls directly to your cell phone or home phone if you need to, giving you additional freedom that you might not enjoy from other phone services.

A toll free number gives customers the ability to call you without hesitation. The call is always free for them, so they don’t worry about picking up the phone and making that call if they have questions or concerns about your services or the products you offer. This can give your business a significant opportunity, to work at building relationships with customers. Many customers will choose not to call a long distance number for help or advice, and in these cases you never have the chance to work with that customer again. If they’re unwilling to spend a few dollars to make that call, you remain out of the loop, and the customer service chain is broken. Calling for free, however, makes it easy for customers to pick up the phone and make contact, and give you a chance to work with them. Taking care of your customers should be your ultimate goal as a small business owner, and having a toll free number is a great way to stay in touch.

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