Having an 800 number could be the difference between a business reaching for the stars or remaining in the doldrums. It’s a much sought after addition to any business because it offers so many advantages. There are actually several toll-free numbers such as 888, 877, 866 and 855 but none of these have the allure of an 800 number which is well known and trusted. Although any toll-free number is good for business, you should try and get an 800 number as soon as it becomes available. The most obvious benefit is that customers get to call free. This increases the likelihood of them contacting you and finding out more about your products/services. However, there are a host of other reasons why an 800 number is so good for business.

The necessity of an 800 number is even more pertinent if you are running a business from home. Sure, you can give prospective clients your home or mobile number but this merely showcases the fact that you’re a small business. While you should be proud to be a small company, you can’t allow prospects to know this. From their point of view, doing business with a small organization is a risk not worth taking. With an 800 number, you can add professional sounding extras like a voicemail service and call forwarding to your mobile or home number. This gives the impression that you are a well organized outfit with enough resources to cater to a client’s every need.

Expansion Opportunities
An 800 number enables you to advertise your company as one that serves clients from coast to coast. Most small businesses use the power of the internet to reach possible customers from all over the United States. The trouble is, when a visitor to your website from New York sees that your contact number shows you as a company in Wisconsin, they are unlikely to use your services as they may feel that you simply can’t fulfill their needs. No such geographical restrictions exist in the minds of customers once they see an 800 number displayed on your contact page.

Although you are pouring heart and soul into the business, you don’t need the additional stress of having random callers constantly phoning you at home or on your mobile. If you allow every potential customer to phone you at all hours (bear in mind the existence of time zones), pretty soon, you’ll be burnt out and be unable to handle your business in the way that you should. With an 800 number, you can forward phone calls to other lines which allows you to keep your personal and business lives separate. You can even set your 800 number to only accept calls during certain times and days. Therefore, there will be no answering queries at 3am unless you actually want to!

Although an 800 number is not free to use, the investment you make will be well worth it. You can be as active or inactive as you wish. Everyday life will no longer be seen as getting in the way of business. With an 800 number, you can leave your office and have calls forwarded to your mobile if you choose. An 800 number will increase your business while giving you the freedom that isn’t possible with a regular phone number.

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