Most new businesses start out as local operations, and as such don’t really put much thought into their telephone number. As they grow, they come to realize more and more than customers and prospects from outside of their area may want to call for information or to place an order, and if the business does not have a toll free number these callers will likely be charged for their call. A toll free number allows a business to offer the same freedom of communication to all customers, regardless of their location.

Why should a business have a toll free number?

Long Distance Calls
Though many people have mobile phones, a lot of consumers still chose to use their landline phone for any calls they make while they are at home. Because of this, they are very conscious of the expenses that can be incurred from long distance calls and may choose which businesses to contact based on which ones have toll free numbers. A company can stand to lose a lot of potential revenue by not taking the time to invest in a toll free number that can save their customers money!

It Is an Affordable Business Expense
Within the past ten years businesses who were not able to afford a toll free number have been able to purchase one at last. New technologies such as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone service have allowed businesses the opportunity to purchase toll free number plans for much less than they used to be. New businesses do not need to worry about the expense of a toll free number any longer!

It Promotes a Professional Impression
If a customer is faced with the choice between a business with a toll free number and one without, they will often contact the business with the toll free number. This is because it is less expensive to do so, and because the toll free number itself implies a level of professionalism on the part of the business. A serious business that has invested in its future and considers the needs of its customers will have purchased a toll free number, or so the customer’s impression will be.

Anyone Can Call From Anywhere at Any Time
A toll free number can also benefit a business by allowing customers to call them from any phone at any time without being charged. If someone is away from home and needs to contact a business with a toll free number, they can do so easily, even from typically expensive locations such as hotel room landline phones. Considering that the rates for hotel calls are often very high this is often appreciated by travelers.

A business that operates in a way that saves their customers time and money is going to be a business that enjoys greater success over time. By offering their customers the immediate savings that come from calling a toll free number, the business is showing that they care and are willing to provide the best service that they can, even if it at a cost to them.