A toll-free number is free to the caller, while the person or company being called is charged a phone company for the call. Costs will depend on the amount of usage, when and where the call is made, or the monthly fee that is required to have the toll-free service.

Customer toll-free numbers can be used as a branding tool and most businesses do this. If the numbers spell something that allows people and customers to recognize the company, product, or service, then they will be much more likely to call. It is also very simple to remember a toll-free vanity number. It is also used as a direct response tool by companies. It is not surprising that this is generally viewed to be very effective at drawing attention from both potential and existing customers. With this in mind, it is no wonder that the popularity of toll-free numbers rose for businesses. Many would consider this as an essential tool for any businesses.

Toll-free business numbers not only give people an easy to remember number, but it also allows customers to call a company or business for help without the worry or hassle of being charged. It is essentially a customer service feature. Businesses will normally see an increase in customer phone calls due to this customer-friendly feature.

Sometimes called “800 numbers”, these toll-free numbers can often be called by anyone in North America, while some companies will limit the privilege to only certain states, provinces, or countries.

An important step in determining which phone company to go with for a toll-free number is cost. Be wary of hidden fees and sit down to determine your business’s specific needs before deciding on a company. Another important factor is calling restrictions. You will want to decide on where most of your calls will be coming from and what areas you want to restrict from taking advantage of the toll-free number.

Opting for a flexible phone plan is likely the best option, should a company’s need or demand change. It might also be wise to choose a plan that bundles other useful services for the business, along with the toll-free feature, such as call forwarding, call display, etc. Having calls forwarded to other phones on the premises will allow shorter waiting times for callers and it will increase the satisfaction of a company’s most valuable resource – which is the customer.