Remember the days of actually flipping pages through the phone book – when the terms yellow pages and white pages actually meant something? It wasn’t so long ago, that flipping through the phone book was the primary way to find companies and the people’s phone number. As with so many other things these days, the phone books have gone digital.

The online version of the yellow pages offers even more information that the traditional phone book contains. In addition to yielding a list of relevant results they are also plotted on a map. You can even read reviews left by actual customers of that particular business. Many times coupons or special offers can be found on a company’s yellow page listing. For restaurants, even a link directly to their menu is available. The search results can be sorted by distance or ratings. Additionally, the results can be filtered – for example instead of a listing of all restaurants; you can limit your options to just Mexican restaurants or steak houses.

Another advantage of the online yellow pages is that you can easily search in any city. If you are traveling or even just planning vacation, the online yellow pages can be a great resource to find and learn about local businesses. It’s true that many companies do have their own website, but there are a surprising percentage of great small businesses that simply will not be found by searching on google. For decades, the yellow pages were the method of advertising and for some business this still may be their main way of advertising – so you may be overlooking businesses by not visiting yellow pages directories.

Another point to keep in mind, just like the actual phone books – there is more than one version of the yellow pages. Instead of having multiple huge books delivered to your home, now you can just search the various directories online with a few clicks of the mouse. The most popular online yellow page directories are,,, and, but they all offer a wide array of information and resources to their customers.

With all the popularity of apps, yellow pages directories have adapted once again and now offer apps so that you can access the wealth of information they offer when on the go. If you need a particular service or looking for a specific business, by going to this app – you can get their phone number, address, location on a map, and with some directories get directions with one click.

While the yellow pages and white pages live on in online directories, it seems the yellow pages will be the one to thrive. White pages probably won’t last long as they are a directory of personal home phone numbers, which they themselves are being rare. But, the need to find businesses will always be around, so keep the online yellow pages in mind for your next search.

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