If you’ve been put in charge of planning a big event for your company, stress and panic may be your closest companions. First of all, try to relax. Event planning is by its very nature a difficult and stressful process. But there are some easy decisions you can make that will help guarantee success. Any corporate event will be well served by a fully-stocked bar and quality appetizers. Choosing the venue will usually come down to the size of your party and the availability of local hotels and conference centers, so there’s not much to play around with there. The major decision, and probably the most important one as well is what to do for entertainment. This is make-it-or-break-it time for all of your hard work and planning. If the entertainment isn’t good, the event will go down in flames. So here is a look at some of the best entertainment options for large corporate events.

The first thing you must keep in mind is to make decisions appropriate for your industry. You won’t invite the Jameson shot girls to come around in bikinis if the event is a celebration of the retirement of a senior vice president. And you won’t choose paintball for a convention of surgeons. Since this is a corporate event you should err on the side of a conservative choice. Just as it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, choose simple, classy and safe in most cases. If you’re going to take risks, make sure you know your people very well.

The easy route, which is also often the most appreciated is music. Whether it’s background easy listening or a special appearance by your favorite 80s hair metal band, great music is always a hit at a corporate event. Live bands bring a lot of excitement to the table, but also the most question marks. You never know if they’ll sound like they do in those online clips you saw, or if someone will get sick and be replaced by a terrible performer. Live music is a slam dunk if you’ve got a group of classical musicians, but otherwise you’d probably be smart to go with a DJ. That way you can have a hand in choosing the music, and you know it will be stuff people will like.

There are some other entertainment options that work well at a corporate event because they don’t require the entire group’s attention at once. Consider having a photo booth as one fun option. It’s great for team-building, because various groups squeeze together (after a couple of drinks) for all sorts of funny pics. They’re inexpensive, won’t run out of film, and give your co-workers a great souvenir of the event. Another great choice is a specialty food station. Successful events have brought in a high end sushi bar, an ice bar, a sandwich station or a dessert cart, just to give you a few options to get your mind going. Again, these don’t require every person’s attention at the same time, but offer standout experiences that folks will remember.

One of the best choices for entertainment at a corporate event is to invite a special guest to speak or perform. The real question is, who do you tap to visit? Make sure this person fits the tone of the night, but otherwise your only limit is budget. Some people will choose a well-known expert in the field, or another leader of industry. Others will go with a famous comedian or storyteller. For a major event consider a political figure, an author or a famous actor. Regardless, this works best when you either use it to sell tickets or keep it a total secret until the event itself. The shock of a major celebrity taking the stage will make you the talk of the office for years to come!