Living in such a technical world can certainly have its advantages sometimes and there is no better evidence of that point than the ability of having a small business 800 number. These toll free numbers allow you to compete at an international level and give the appearance that you company is as big as they come even if there are only a handful of employees or you have no employees at all.

While you are certainly going to get a fair amount of local business by having your local phone number on your website and other advertisements, why would you want to limit your selling area to just those around you? By having a small business 800 number you can sell to anyone regardless of where they live as people will usually be more apt to call a toll free 800 number over one that is not local and going to therefore cost them money to call.

Put simply, when you have an 800 number for your small business it delivers big business results such as:

• Big Look: With an 800 number for you small business set up to take the caller to their desired department, you are giving them the impression that your company is massive. Even if you run your company out of your home, nobody has to be the wiser.
• Big Call Volume: Because you are providing a way for people from literally all over the world to get in touch with you at no cost to them your phones are likely to experience a big-pick up in call volume.
• Big Sales: With a pick-up in your call volume it is only natural that you will experience a pick-up in your sales as well.
• Big Clients: Again, your 800 number for your small business will allow you to literally become a business of the world. Now you will be able to open the doors up to all kinds of big money clients that may have never contacted you in the past.

Now many people assume that because an 800 number for their small business will accomplish so much that the cost will be astronomical. Well, that is the one thing that will not be ‘big’ as the prices of the small business 800 numbers usually start out at about $10 a month if you use a virtual 800 number service.

The nice thing about virtual 800 number services is that they give you the ability to add more features as your company grows in size and your needs change. And unlike the phone company, many will allow you to use their services without the need to sign a contract. All this and no fancy equipment to set up as it is you who dictates what phone rings when the 800 number is dialed.

There is no longer any reason for a small business to act as a small business or look like one. With the advent of the small business 800 number via virtual 800 number services, every business has an equal chance at toll free success.

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