Not so long ago when Ma Bell ruled all the phone lines, having toll free service for your company meant having bulky and expensive equipment hooked up at the office and a lengthy contract being signed as well. Now thanks to the Internet there comes a toll free service for the rest of us; RingCentral.

RingCentral provides a service that is known as ‘virtual 800 service’ and their methods couldn’t be any easier. Unlike the phone company there is no equipment to buy or lease and instead anything that you need will be provided as part of the service package. RingCentral does all the leg work you just tell them what you need.

Now maybe your business only has a couple of employees and you think it isn’t big enough to justify a toll free number. But the fact is that many potential customers won’t call a company if there is not an 800 number attached to it. Really can you blame them? If you only have your local number up on your website and someone from out of town is looking at it what is their motivation to call? They will not want to pay for the call, nor should they. By providing an 800 number you give them a way to call you at no cost to them.

With RingCentral all you do is either have an 800 number assigned to you or you can opt to pay a little bit extra and choose a vanity number such as 800-PAY-CASH. Once that is set up then RingCentral acts as a virtual receptionist.

Once the caller dials the 800 number they hear a message such as, ‘Thank you for calling Pay Cash Inc, for sales press one, for parts press two’ and so on. You dictate what the message will say and you dictate the extensions. You can choose to have any phone ring with any extension you like. So you can have your home phone ring, your cell phone ring, or even a hotel phone to ring. As long as it is a phone, it will work with RingCentral.

RingCentral even offers features such as virtual faxes, music while on hold, voice mail boxes for all extensions, call forwarding, and so much more. Now it is possible to run both your business and your life as you will no longer be chained to your desk waiting for that important call or fax.

By now it is natural to be thinking that you cannot afford such services. So would you be surprised to learn that RingCentral starts at just $9.99 per month? Yes it is true; you can afford a toll free number and remember RingCentral does not make you sign a contract.

Having an 800 number for your potential customers to call will only increase your business. If you only make one extra sale per month because of your toll free number chances are that the proceeded will pay for the service and then some.

While your business may not yet be in the Fortune 500 there is no reason that you cannot have 800 number services. Besides, the caller on the other end will have no idea no big or small you are and because RingCentral will help you sound so professional they may think that you are in fact already in the Fortune 500.

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