Are you looking for a reliable toll-free phone service that won’t drain your financial resources? eVoice may be the right choice for you. The eVoice system has currently updated their pricing packages to be much more competitive for the services rendered, and all packages offer a free trial period.

Advantages of eVoice
There are quite a few advantages to selecting eVoice.
Core features: The basic features that come with every package include an auto attendant for a professional sounding greeting, call routing, to ensure that your calls are getting to the correct department, local numbers throughout the US and Canada (to help generate a local, “at-home” presence no matter where you’re located), and voicemail-to-text (VTT) for easy transcription of all of your voicemails. There are also many more core features, such as Android, Blackberry, and iPhone apps, as well as hold music.
Free trials: Each pricing package comes with a free trial — the base package, which is $12.95 per month, comes with a six month free trial (or 1000 total minutes, or 60 VTT messages, whichever comes first). The $19.95 and $29.95 per month packages both come with a 30-day free trial.
VIP setup and support: The two upgrade packages come with technical support for setup within 24 hours of your purchase, and will also give you a direct tech support line to use, should you need assistance in the future.

Disadvantages of eVoice
There is really one main disadvantage to using eVoice, which may not even apply to you if you have a small business that does not require certain bonus features. Simply put, eVoice does not have the add-on of Internet faxing, nor does the service allow for “after hours” calls. This would be a great disadvantage if you’re trying to establish 24-hour technical support or want major bonus features.

However, eVoice typically has enough features to please most small business owners, as well as a fair pricing tear to boot. When weighing in certain factors, consider how your business will or will not need these certain features.
Of course, that is not to say that eVoice is featureless — as noted in the advantages, the core features are most often plentiful for small businesses, and many users say that they are quite surprised at how much you get for the expense.

All things considered, eVoice will give small businesses a professional boost with their core features at a good price, and are well worth a look. However, if you’re looking for mega features and your business is expanding, there are other services you may wish to consider instead.

If you want a cost-effective toll-free service, then take a look at eVoice. They are one of the most competitive, small business friendly services currently on the market.

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