At some stage in your company’s development, the need for expansion will become apparent. A toll free number is a logical step in a company’s growth so when the time comes to choose one, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. The following article will explain the potential mistakes that can be made when choosing a toll free number as well as avoiding companies that attempt to trap you.

Number Transfer
You simply cannot choose a toll free number provider who does not allow you the right to transfer your number. As long as you are able to transfer the toll free number you are paying for, the provider has to be somewhat honest. If you don’t like their service, you can just take the number and leave. However, many toll free number providers like to keep you at their mercy by slipping in terms and conditions that essentially forbid you from taking the number. They basically take ownership of the number and the only way you can use it is by staying with them.

As a result, you will see a lot of companies offering great start up terms but delve a little deeper and you’ll find a lack of substance. Make the mistake of signing up and you’ll be ‘treated’ to diabolical customer service because the provider has spent most of their budget on snaring clients. They don’t stay competitive when it comes to price and everything seems wrong. Some of these outfits also stop you transferring an existing number because they don’t want you to have the option of taking your number if you don’t like their service.

Only Settle For The Best 800 Numbers
Don’t allow a toll free number provider to give you 877 or 866 numbers. These are the least popular toll free numbers and will cost you sales. Insist that the provider give you an 800 number and if this is absolutely impossible, at least get an 888 number which is a good second choice. The problem with 877 numbers is that the public aren’t aware that they are actually toll free. This will make them reluctant to use them. 866 numbers have the same problem. Marketing statistics show that an 866 number will generate 33% less business than an 800 number.

Never Cut Corners
Some toll free number providers will offer you hybrid numbers on special offer. These are numbers that are basically a mess of numbers and letters. For example, a hybrid number would be something like 1-800-493 PAINT. The addition of an extra number completely takes away from the effectiveness of having an 800 number because the customer will forget the extra digits. If you use 1-800 PAINTING on the other hand, there is absolutely no way a customer will forget. Hybrid numbers may be a little cheaper, but the long-term consequences of their use will become apparent when you calculate your annual revenue.

A toll free number will significantly boost your business if used correctly. However, attempting to utilize such a useful addition to your advertising is pointless unless you are willing to pay a reasonable rate for a proper toll free number such as 800 or 888. Also, read all terms and conditions before signing a contract. Don’t allow a toll free number provider to have all the power.

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