user reviewLet’s imagine you have a domain,  It gives your company, TastyBerry, a strong market presence; it personifies your brand; and it makes it easy for your customers to find you—with a name they recognize and respect.  So…let’s extend that to your 1-800 contact number!

Vanity Numbers

A so-called “vanity” phone number is no more of a vanity than bringing a boat to go fishing.  A boat gives you access to more fishing territory than merely standing on the dock, and similarly an 800 number brings you more customers from a much broader area.  Select 800-TASTYBERRY as your contact point and you instantly make it much easier for your customer to remember you without having to look up the number.

Getting Results

Custom Toll Free does precisely that.  It is so much easier to say “give us a call at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE for more information” for our customers.  And now that will stick with you for when you want to call us!  And there are numerous benefits that can multiply your Return on Investment, such as:

  • Instant recognition by customers
    • Clients remember how to find you at re-order time
  • Increases your response rates
    • When it’s easy to get a hold of you more people are going to call!
  • Creates instant prestige
    • You benefit from years of marketing by companies using 1-800 numbers
  • Creates instant credibility
    • Businesses with vanity numbers are perceived to be established and reliable
  • Increases consumer trust
    • Your customers are confident doing business with you, and they’ll recommend you to others
  • Creates a strong presence in the market
    • You appear more established and worthy as a business
  • Maximize your ROI for advertising
    • Your advertising dollars go further when your number is memorable and the customer doesn’t have to write it down

And there are plenty of other included benefits, too!  You can select any valid number for your 1-800 number to ring through to; you can choose to receive your faxes and voice mails as e-mail text messages; you can store 50 messages for up to one month; you can create a conference call with up to 25 participants; and you can block calls from areas where you don’t do business.

And speaking of blocking calls, you can even block specific phone numbers, or redirect them to a busy signal, an error message, or send them directly to voicemail.  And callers can’t hide their phone numbers with our Non-blockable Caller ID, allowing you to rid yourself of problem callers and making it easier to return calls to clients.

And, of course, it’s possible to forward calls seamlessly to any other number based on the time of day, area code, or even a specific number.  It will be undetectable to the client.

For Example

Let’s say you’re a small plumbing company.  You might only want to receive calls from 1-800-PLUMBING in Rhode Island, or maybe Connecticut and Massachusetts, but there probably wouldn’t be much point in receiving calls from Utah, Idaho, and Nevada.  We can do that with a shared 800 number that only works in a specific area.  They’re less expensive than an exclusive national number because someone in California or Florida can use that number locally, too, reducing the cost.

With the basic plan they provide 100 minutes per month, and you can set an automatic cut-off for calls to conserve your time.  You can also set the maximum message time for voicemail.

There are numerous reporting tools to assess and analyze your call details and perform campaign analysis.  You can even receive an e-mail whenever your 800 number receives a call, which includes the Caller ID, who received the call, and the minutes spent on the call.

The Takeaway

Custom Toll Free’s support staff is waiting to help you secure your perfect 800 number.  They will help you make smarter, faster, and more economical choices that directly impact your brand, and increase your bottom line.  They’ll guide you toward making informed, educated decisions about which intellectual property is going to be the best fit for your business.

Custom Toll Free is ready, willing, and able to work on your behalf and help you make great choices.  Visit them today at and one of their experts will be happy to take care of your needs.

none user is a phone service that provides businesses in over 75 countries around the world the opportunity to offer toll free calls to their customers. Because of the organization’s range, you have the ability to establish a worldwide presence. aims to help businesses who have a desire to branch out internationally. As toll free calls cost nothing for a customer to use, such a number makes it more likely for customers to phone a particular company. The site counts airlines, call centers, marketing firms and travel companies among its customers.

Pricing offers a variety of packages and the rates charged depend on the phone numbers selected. For example, US toll free numbers forwarded to US phone lines will be less expensive than British toll free numbers forwarded to US phone lines. For US Customers looking to get business in the US, the charges range from $7 a month for 100 free minutes to $134 a month for 5,000 free minutes. On the cheapest package, extra minutes cost $0.06, dropping to $0.045 a minute on the 10,000 minute package. You can also save up to 20% by opting for an annual contract instead of a monthly one. There are also special fees such as a check return fee of $25 and call recording for $7 a month and $0.03 a minute. You can take advantage of a 30 day free trial as well.

You receive the usual features such as call recording, fax and voicemail but there are a host of other exciting additions. For example, you can utilize an auto attendant, automated greetings, choose the time of day to route the calls and choose international ringback tones. You also get an unlimited amount of mailboxes for voicemail with an unlimited number of extensions which each number.

Having a toll free number that links your phone to any other number in 75 different countries opens up a lot of potential business avenues. You can forward calls to any phone and receive calls from a mobile phone, soft phone, fixed phone and fax phone. It is also possible to link your virtual number to 15 different phones around the world at one time and even choose the first and last numbers to be rang. The worldwide reach of this system means that your business will truly be open all hours to everyone.

Although the prices seem reasonable on the surface, there are similar operations that offer lower prices. When you consider the fact that corporations are likely to be the main targets, the best plan would offer unlimited minutes with a specific monthly flat rate. There is no such plan with as there are a finite number of minutes allowed for free. As a result, your company is always faced with the threat of an unknown bill.

The call quality is excellent in most cases but the unknown cost is always going to be a problem. As numbers are prone to being recycled, you could end up being phoned by unknown people if the ex-owner of the number has advertised it. If you are looking to target major companies worldwide, you should perhaps look for a service that has an unlimited minutes package to save you nasty surprises at the end of each month.

Try for as little as $7 a month.


itelecenter customer reviewsThere are a variety of companies that offer toll-free numbers and 800-number services designed specifically for small and home-based businesses. offers these services and has tailored them primarily towards people in direct sales, real estate professionals, virtual companies, and home-based businesses. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which company will be the best fit for you. Here is a closer review of to give you a better idea as to whether or not they are the type of service you are looking for.

Overview of

Like similar services, can get you set up in minutes with no additional hardware to buy or software to download. Additionally, you can stream their services through any existing phone number that you already use. They offer a variety of features and services including all of the industry-standard services as well as several unique options that many people are looking for. To get started, all you need to do is choose your new telephone number, configure a few settings such as your main greeting and creating call forwarding extensions, and then your new number will be 100% live.

3 Plans to Choose From

Currently, iTeleCenter offers three different packages choose from. The Basic package is $19.95 per month, with a one-time $15 activation fee. It includes 500 min., 10 extensions, and one phone number. If you exceed your minutes, the rate will be 5.9 cents per minute. The Pro package is $39.95 per month and also includes the $15 one-time activation fee. This package features 1500 min., 25 extensions, and two phone numbers. If you need more minutes, the rate will be 4.9 cents per minute. The Premier package is $99.95 per month, however it does not include an activation fee. It includes 5000 min., unlimited extensions, and for phone numbers. If you need additional minutes, they will be 3.9 cents per minute.

One thing is important to note, is that all of these packages include the same set of features. This means that you will not need to upgrade your package to access additional services and features that you may want. It is because of this that many Internet marketers and home-based businesses have found the smaller packages to contain more features than many other similar services on the market.

Features and Benefits of iTeleCenter

When looking into these types of services there are certain features which you expect to see and iTeleCenter has them as well. These would be features such as vanity numbers, call forwarding, call screening, unlimited call capacity, and multiple voice mail boxes. They also have some unique features which some other services tend to only offer with larger packages.

This includes things like a 100% accurate call capture which can be done with the unblockable Caller ID service. You also get free access to the click to call service, which allows people to call you directly from your website. You even get access to an ad tracker that will ask callers to enter an ad code when they dial your number. This will instantly let you know which sources of advertising are generating phone-based leads.

Review of iTeleCenter

While some people believe that the Premier package doesn’t always stack up to the competition, the smaller packages designed for smaller businesses and home-based businesses have shown to be very competitive in terms of both price and features. This is largely because has tailored their services specifically towards this niche.

Read the following customer reviews of iTeleCenter to help you decide if their 800 number service is right for you or your business.


freedom voice user reviewsNationwide toll free numbers from FreedomVOICE® give your customers all across the U.S. and Canada an easy way to reach your business without dialing long distance.

Review of FreedomVoice

Virtual 800 number service providers such as FreedomVoice are changing the way that small business owners think. Many small business owners feel as though they cannot have an 800 number. This is mainly due to the misconception that the service is going to represent a cost that is too much to incur. However, with as many virtual 800 number service providers that there currently are in the market place, this type of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth.

Using the services of FreedomVoice make it possible for anyone’s business to have an 800 number regardless of how big or small it may be. FreedomVoice gives all of your customers and potential customers the opportunity to call your business toll free. Additionally an 800 number will give your business the appearance of being much larger than it actually is. The end result should be your phones ringing more and your sales increasing.

When you choose an 800 number with FreedomVoice, you can choose from a huge list that the company already has, or you can get a little vain. For an additional cost, FreedomVoice will help you to set up a vanity 800 numbers that is easier for your customers to remember such as 800-RAT-TRAP. This can help to brand your business and will again hopefully increase the amount of phone calls you receive.

FreedomVoice offers many features that make their entire virtual 800 number service complete. Some of the features that FreedomVoice includes with their service are:

• Auto Attendant: When a customer calls your 800 number they are greeted with a recorded voice message introducing your company to them and then directing their call to the appropriate extension.
• Call Forwarding: This allows you to have your calls forwarded to any phone that you wish. A caller will have no idea whether they are calling your cell phone or your home phone, because it is you who makes that call and they still hear the same greeting when they call.
• Voice Mails: Set up voice mailboxes for all your extensions. These mailboxes can quickly be checked for messages using any phone.
• Screening and Blocking: You dictate the rules that keep unwanted callers at bay.
• Internet Fax: Send and receive faxes from your computer eliminating the need for a costly fax machine.

While there are other features with FreedomVoice such as music while on hold and ACD call routing they represent an additional charge. However, even the most basic package comes with the above features making the service very thorough.

Plans for FreedomVoice start at just $9.99 a month and the cost simply depends on how many additional features you want and how many minutes of use you rack up each month. Minute plans start at 4.9 cents per minute used. Perhaps best of all, FreedomVoice gives new customers a 30-day free trial which allows you to try it before you commit. Even when you decide to commit there are no contracts to sign.

Your business no longer needs to be listed without an 800 number. With a 30-day free trial and features galore, FreedomVoice may be a sound option for your 800 service needs. Save 10% off monthly charges for toll free number services for the life of the account with Promo Code TEN4LIFE (Expires 12/31). Sign up today for a 30 day free trial.

Read the following customer reviews of FreedomVoice to help you decide if their 800 number service is right for you or your business.

2 com

kall8 user reviewsKall8 is a toll free 800 service that was established by Joel Eisenberg, founder of ITL International Telecom Ltd., one of the pioneers in the telecom industry. Kall8 works by providing toll free 800 services that allow you to reroute your phone calls to any designated number of your choosing. Be it your cell phone, home phone or office phone, Kall8 has the capability to forward your calls to you virtually anywhere in the world.

Just like a standard PBX or private branch exchange service, Kall8 offers many of the services you will get from similar companies. This includes voicemail, inbound faxing, call forwarding, custom routing, automated attendant and Vanity numbers. But unlike others, certain features of Kall8 set it apart from the rest of the competition.

Features to Love

One of the best things about Kall8 is the fact that they let you change your ring-to number instantly, without having to go through tedious paperwork and the arduous task of waiting for days for the service to finish processing. This feature is one of its best because it allows users to have flexibility, especially for those who travel a lot and need to constantly reroute their calls to different places depending on where they are. It makes sure that you don’t miss important phone calls just because you’re on the road or up in the air.

Another thing to love about Kall8’s toll free 800 service is the fact that it offers traditional 800 services that can be controlled and tracked fully online. You can activate, forward your numbers, view calls and analyze ad campaign results all through their simple, easy-to-use web interface. This definitely makes it easier for the average consumer to keep track of his account.

Kall8 also has one of the cheapest plans available, with just a two-dollar set up fee, two-dollar a month rates per toll free number and a 7 cent charge per minute of outgoing calls coming from the US and Canada.

On the Downside

Kall8, however, isn’t without its flaws. Some criticize it for its lack of a wider range of free services included in its monthly billing, unlike its competitors who pack a lot of services for a reasonably higher price. It is important to note that Kall8’s 2-dollar monthly charge is cheap precisely because it offers only a simple, stripped-down service that doesn’t force too many extra features that may or may not end up unused by the customer. Instead, Kall8 offers these services at an extra cost to the customer and is an optional service.

The long and short of it is that Kall8 is a reliable 800 service provider with low rates and good features for your money. It is highly recommended for users who want a simple, no-nonsense service without all the bells and whistles that come with a higher price.

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7 com

virtualpbx user reviewsAdvances in the telephone industry have been astounding to say the least. We have gone from switchboard connections being done manually to handheld mobile phones that do everything imaginable.

Business phone technology has advanced as well, and most businesses today including small and home based business are utilizing this advanced technology. Many are switching to a hosted PBX (private branch exchange) company such as for their small business phone service needs.

Your phone is the cornerstone of your business. This is the main way that your clients contact you and how you contact them. It is a vital part of your day to day business operations. You need a powerful phone system to keep up with the needs of your growing business.

There are so many benefits for small business owners with a hosted PBX. Whether you are a big company or small company, or even if you are the entire company, your clients are greeted by a virtual receptionist with a greeting that is unique to your business. Each one of your employees will be given their own extension and their own voicemail. You have the option to have your calls forwarded to any phone number. If you or any of your employees are working from home, they can forward the calls there.

Your customers will not know where you are taking your calls from. As far as they know, you are sitting at your desk in your office. You can have both a local number as well as a toll free number handled by your hosted PBX. Another outstanding feature is to have several numbers listed so that no matter where you are, the call will find you. You are also given the ability to screen all calls as well as transfer calls.

Caller ID is included as well as call waiting. Every business can benefit from built-in phone conferencing, which is included. With a regular phone system, you would be required to use a phone conferencing company for your conferencing needs. Your hosted PBX is hosted off site, so your service will not be interrupted in the event of a power outage, or other unforeseen problems at your office.

With you will find many different plans for many different services, from mobile phones to internet and email marketing services. will help your business appear larger then it is and far more professional. There is no PBX hardware to purchase or software to buy.

So much of your business is done over the phone. Your business calls are important to you and to the success of your business. You don’t want to miss them and using a hosted PBX will help keep you connected to your customers, and your customers connected to you. No matter how big or how small your business is, you will certainly benefit from using a hosted PBX. If you are considering using a hosted PBX, then is a great place to look.

Read the following customer reviews of to help you decide if their 800 number service is right for you or your business.

one user reviewsIn the not so old days having a toll free phone number meant going with a bunch of sophisticated machinery, signing a long-term contract, and paying a lot of money, but in today’s tech-friendly world there exists companies like Grasshopper that offer virtual 800 numbers. Virtual 800 numbers turn your small company into a large multi-national level company; at least that is what it will seem like to the customer who is calling.

With a virtual 800 number you can have someone call your designated 800 number and that call will get routed to your phone, a phone at your office, or any other phone you choose. This gives the person calling the feeling that they are dealing with a huge corporate giant even if you do run your business out of your garage.

While there are a number of these virtual 800 number companies out there today, there are few that can match the services and features of Grasshopper at the low price the company has. Grasshopper’s services start at just $9.95 and there features include:

• Support of any Number: With Grasshopper phone service you can get service for any local number as well as any 800 number. They also offer the ability to ‘port’ over your existing 800 number allowing you to switch and still save.
• No Contracts: With Grasshopper there is no long-term commitment that needs to be made. You simply pay by the month and that is it. They even offer you a 30-day money back guarantee so that you can be sure you are happy with their services.
• Professional Feel: If you have more than just yourself working for your business Grasshopper makes it easy to get that professional feel. When someone calls your 800 number they will hear a custom greeting that you design. They offer unlimited extensions that will ring the phones you designate and also have little features such as on-hold music that will play. A customer that is being routed to the department of their choice will have no clue as to how small your company may be and will think that they are calling corporate leader.
• Connectivity: Grasshopper offers a wide variety of services all geared towards helping you stay connected with your company and your customers. Each extension will have a voicemail set up for it and the voice message can be delivered to your e-mail, fax, or even iPhone or BlackBerry. There are also features such as call forwarding that allow you to stay connected without being chained to your desk and you can also set up things such as conference calling in a snap. They also offer a way to get your faxes without a fax machine via their virtual fax service.

In business these days you almost have to have an 800 number. Obtaining one will take you from being just a local business to being a national business in a snap. Thanks to the ease of use and the low cost of companies like Grasshopper, staying connected and coming off like a Fortune 500 company is a piece of cake.

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6 com

evoice user reviewsIf you are looking for a PBX service, also referred to as virtual phone service, then you may want to consider Evoice. Evoice has gained a solid reputation over the last few years from a variety of different sources. Just like any other virtual phone service, Evoice has its strengths and its weaknesses. This Evoice review should give you a better idea of what this service is all about and whether or not it will be able to meet your needs.

How Evoice Works

Evoice follows a similar structure to many other PBX services that are available online. It is important to note that Evoice does not require you to download or install any software on your own computers. There are currently several different packages that you can choose from ranging from $9.95/month to $29.95/month. Here is a quick look at how Evoice operates once your account is set up.

When someone calls your Evoice number, it will be answered by the greeting that you set up. It can either be professionally recorded or be a simple sound file that you upload. The caller will then be forwarded to your phone, voice mail, or other extension depending on how you set up the service. If you do answer the call, then you will first hear the caller’s name. You will then be able to either accept the call or send it straight to your voice mail You will be able to check new voice mails by phone, Evoice website, or email. Depending on which package you choose, you will have between 300 and 1000 monthly minutes and 2 to 5 additional extensions included.

Potential Benefits of Evoice

1. Cost Per Minute
One of the biggest benefits of using Evoice is that the cost per minute is lower than the industry average. There are also no setup fees or additional fees as long as you don’t go over your monthly minute limit. For most small businesses, the largest package which has 1000 minutes will be more than enough and many will be able to use either of the smaller packages instead.

2. Easy to Use
Evoice consistently stands out for its simple approach to what can quickly become a complex issue. They offer 3 packages and the only differences deal with total monthly minutes and number of extensions included. This makes it incredibly easy for small businesses to choose which package is right for them, without worrying about losing access to additional features.

Potential Drawbacks of Evoice

1. Additional Features
Evoice is very easy to use, however this added simplicity seems to come at the cost features. Some of the features that are not included are internet faxing, no after hours calls, etc. Most small businesses have no need for these features, however if you will need them, then you will need to look elsewhere.

Evoice Review

Overall, Evoice offers an excellent service for the cost. With a very simple, straightforward approach, their services are easy to use and can help even the smallest of small businesses. However, if you are looking for a more complex service with advanced features, then Evoice may not be your best bet.

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2 com user reviewsVirtual 800 numbers are beginning to gain momentum in the business world and there is no better example of this than the company is like many other virtual 800 number service companies in that they offer you a way to have an inexpensive 800 number. How they differ is in their approach. has plans that start at just $8.88 a month and the more use you get out of your 800 number, then the more you can expect to pay. approaches each customer as an individual and encourages a phone call first so that one of their service reps can sort of interview you and help you determine which features you will need. By doing so the theory of the company is that you only pay for what you need.

Their list of features is extremely impressive and includes:

• Business Phone: Make calls through your online connection or by utilizing their 800 number services.
• Vanity 800 Numbers: Choose a vanity 800 number such as 800-FUN-TIME and help brand your business as well as give your potential customers a number they can easily remember.
• Transfer of Existing 800 Numbers: If you already have an 800 number, can port it over for you so you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing numbers.
• Caller Greeting: Recorded voice that greets all callers and routes them to the proper extension. Use your voice or pay for one of their professional voice talents to create a message for you.
• Voice Mail: Have a voice mailbox set up for each extension of your business.
• Call Waiting: Ensure that your potential customers never hear a busy signal.
• Call Forwarding: You choose a list of phones that will ring when your 800 number is dialed. Have them all ring at the same time or in a certain order. It is all customizable by you.
• Caller ID: See who is dialing your 800 number before you answer the phone.
• Conference Calling: Have multiple people on a conference call at the same time without having to pay for a costly service to do it for you.
• Online Maintenance: Maintain your account online and make changes without ever having to pick up the phone.
• Much More: The features go on and on.

With all the features that they have it is safe to say that has as many, if not more, features than any other virtual 800 number service in the industry. The company also offers a unique referral program which allows you to get a certain amount of money off of your monthly bill for each person you refer. If you refer enough people, the company will actually pay you. Additionally, if you sign up as a new customer with, they give an added month of service for free.

Best of all, with there is no hardware to lease or buy, nothing to splice, nothing to connect, and really nothing but ease. Your company can now enjoy an 800 number thanks to virtual 800 number services like

Read the following customer reviews of to help you decide if their 800 number service is right for you or your business.


user reviews of ringcentral officeFor the uninitiated, Ringcentral Office specializes in providing VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol services. They offer VOIP solutions to small and medium enterprises and businesses, a booming market that is both too big for consumer point-to-point VOIP providers like Skype, Gizmo Project and SightSpeed, and too small for big company providers like Cisco and Avaya who cater to businesses with over 500 employees.

Indeed, the SME (small and medium enterprise) market is just right for Ringcentral, and I am happy to report that most SME’s seem to have the same opinion of Ringcentral’s services for their VOIP needs.

Unique Selling Point

Poised to conquer the business end of the VOIP market, Ringcentral Office offers a unique self-service capability that will allow SME’s to buy and set up their own phone systems. These come with four hosted voice lines, hosted fax, call routing, unlimited long distance and pre-configured phones.

This is possible through an easy-to-use, web-based user interface. Through the website, users are able to control all facets of their account. The website allows users to tool around with their settings, allowing them to choose different caller greetings to suit the different times of day, assign extension numbers to different departments and determine what happens at the end of each of these predetermined extensions.

In all, this empowers small businesses to personalize their phone systems and have complete control over their calls, and to Ringcentral’s credit, they make sure that your calls get filtered so that important calls get through, while unimportant ones are relegated to the back seat.

Another cool feature of Ringcentral Office is their use of SIP connection which allows users to connect their calls to virtually any standards based SIP supported hardware – which is practically anything – from your cellphone to your VOIP hard line to your home phone. And, as if it isn’t already loaded with enough features, Ringcentral also understands that connectivity isn’t just about voice calls, but also other forms of data – which is why their service also provides fax sending and receiving as a standard offering.

With all those good things said, it is amazing that their best feature is yet to come. What really stands out about Ringcentral is the fact that they are the only VOIP provider who have the ability to provide an all inclusive pricing scheme without imposing any contracts. This is virtually unheard of in the business phone systems market, and it is precisely what Ringcentral is hoping will get them a fair share of the VOIP pie.

Standard Features

Regardless of which plan you choose to subscribe to – and Ringcentral has three – you can be sure to get the following staple services: virtual PBX, VOIP phone service with unlimited calling (depending on the chosen plan) inclusive of voice mail, auto-receptionist, call forwarding and other similar basic services.

Extras on Top

Other services are also provided by Ringcentral, but they are not standard and have a separate pricing scheme. For those who require toll-free numbers Ringcentral also provides this service and have, in fact, been doing so for several years now, and they are considered among the best in this area of business services provision.

Though Ringcentral offers a lot of features that are attractive and priced just right, there are still a few flaws they can work on, but in comparison to the rest of the VOIP providers in the market, you definitely cannot go wrong with choosing Ringcentral. With solid service, jam-packed features and an affordable pricing scheme, Ringcentral is undoubtedly, the best provider in the market today.

Read the following customer reviews of RingCentral Office to help you decide if their 800 number service is right for you or your business.