Successful Internet marketers and business owners know that providing a way for customers to reach them is a top priority, which is why finding affordable 800 number service is a necessity. An 800 number not only makes phone calls for customers convenient and free, it also gives the business a professional touch that creates an appearance of stability and credibility.

If your business does not currently have an 800 number for customers, you are now in luck because there are many different services that are cheaper than ever, making it easy to find an affordable 800 number service.In years past only large businesses and corporations could afford to offer 800 numbers to customers. However, the deregulation of such numbers as well as competition between service providers has paved the way to affordable 800 number access for most businesses. With low per minute costs and pocket change monthly fees, there is really no reason for a business not to have an 800 number service.

Keep in mind a toll free number isn’t always just 800. It may also have prefixes such as 866, 888 or even 877. The different prefixes ensure that there will always be enough toll free numbers available to businesses who request them. The way the toll free service works is that your phone service will charge your business instead of the customer dialing the number. It’s really a simple process re-routing the call so that the customer receives no charges for it.

What exactly are the benefits of having affordable 800 number service? Here are just a few:
• Having an 800 number is likely to grow your business. People are less likely to stop and consider making the call when they have to pay for it. On the other hand, if it’s a free call, they are more likely to dial right away.
• You are offering top-notch customer service, you know, the kind you say you offer in your advertising? It’s important to follow through with the promises in your advertising and communications with customers. If you say you are there for them and provide excellent service, make sure you have an 800 number so they can reach you easily.
• Keep the same number, regardless of where the business takes you. If you move your shop across town or across the country, you can make sure you customers always know how to reach you when you have affordable 800 number service. The 800 number stays the same no matter where you go.
• Promote a professional image. By having an 800 number, your business appears professional and established, even if it really isn’t! It is an effective and low-cost way to build your business’s image to reach more customers.

When it comes to business marketing, there is always a new technique or strategy causing a stir, but you can be certain that by using an affordable 800 number service you are utilizing one of the easiest and cheapest marketing tools. Offering a toll free number to customers shows them you want their business and are ready to serve them today.

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