In today’s economic climate, more and more Americans have started or are considering a home business. There are many advantages to a home business: no commute, setting your own hours, being your own boss, and living a more balanced life. However, one of the main obstacles can be presenting a professional image and not just some guy setting up shop in the spare bedroom. One of the simplest ways to project professionalism is through an 800 number.

For whatever reason, consumers like 800 numbers. They are more professional and consumers’ perception of your business can make or break your venture. An 800 number lets the world know your company is based on professionalism. If you care enough to offer an 800 number, consumers feel calls are encouraged and welcomed. In fact, studies have shown that consumers complain when having to pay long distance charges to call a company – even with today’s cheap rates.

In addition to the actual phone number, many 800 service providers offer systems that answer your calls with a professional business greeting. You can even utilize menu options to route calls. This is great way to make your company, which you may be the only employee of, sound like a bigger, more stable organization.

With the growing number of telephone number these days, it’s become somewhat common to deal with new area codes. If you have marketing material and customers that know your number, a change in an area code can be a disaster. With an 800 number you’ll never have to deal with that obstacle. Some who received your first business card will always have your correct phone number. Plus, if you ever relocate and need to move your business, your 800 number can travel with you – they are not tied to specific locations.

Speaking of travel, 800 numbers make it possible for you to create a virtual office. Going on vacation, but need to keep your business running? Or simply need to go run errands, but don’t want to miss an important call from a client? You can have calls to your 800 number forwarded to any other phone number, or multiple numbers. This can give the impression that you are always in the office and available to be reached.

Studies have shown people are more willing to give personal information when calling an 800 number. Just having an 800 number establishes an err of trust and stability. I’m sure you’ve experienced this – you call a number, some guy answers, and you hesitate before giving out any information. However, calling an 800 number consumers automatically feel they are dealing with someone reputable. Did you know every single Fortune 500 company has an 800 number?

One of the best ways to utilize an 800 number is to create a vanity number. This can enhance your branding and your number will be embedded into consumers’ long term memory. Any numbers come to mind? 1 800 FLOWERS, 1 800 GOT JUNK, 1 800 WAL MART, 1 800 COMCAST. You get the idea – a vanity number can be a great asset to your home business.

These are just some of the benefits of utilizing an 800 number for your business. If you want to present your home business as professional, stable, trustworthy, and profitable – an 800 number can help you do that.

Get an 800 number for your home business.