In the not so distant past having a toll free 800 number meant going through one of the major phone companies such as AT&T and paying an astronomical amount of money to obtain one. These days though there are a number of different 800 number service providers that can be used with a service that is known as virtual 800 numbers.

How it works is the company assigns you an 800 number or you choose a vanity one, such as 800-EAT-FOOD and whenever someone calls that 800 number the call gets routed to a specific phone of your choosing. The nice thing about these 800 number service providers is that they let you freely dictate what phone rings when the 800 number is dialed and even give you the ability to select extensions to route calls to different people within your business using their phones.

While there a more and more of these 800 number service providers popping up by the year, there are two in particular that have been around the block a time or two and are considered by many to be the most reliable of providers. These top two providers are: For as little as $9.99 per month makes having an 800 number a reality. Even there most basic package is filled with features and for just a little bit more you can have service that is just as good, if not better, than the big boys who come in and rip up your office installing all sorts of unneeded equipment only to charge you lots of money when it is all said and done. Just like also starts out at under ten bucks per month, though they are a nickel cheaper at $9.95. They too have tons of features and different packages that will let you run your business as though it were a multi-national Fortune 500 company.

While there are many other 800 number service providers that are available today, for the money you will spend and the features you will receive, it is hard to do better than these top two. While you could spend the money and go with an AT&T or the like, you won’t get the flexibility and the service of the virtual 800 number service providers so why spend the extra cash?

Having an 800 number is a sure way to keep your phones ringing off the hook which in turn will hopefully keep orders flowing in. Many people these days will not even call a business if there is no 800 number to call and why should they? If you do not have an 800 number and your local number is long distance to them then they will have to foot the bill and that is simply not right. While this may not affect your local customers, you certainly don’t want to handcuff yourself to a specific area for business when people from all across the country could benefit from your goods or services. All it takes is one sale from an out of area customer and your virtual 800 number will more than pay for itself.

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