Mobile technology has truly transformed the way today’s businesses operate. And it’s not all about managing emails or handling calls while you’re away from your desk. Thanks to the thousands of apps available for iOS and Android devices, there is almost no task related to running your business that you cannot accomplish with a smartphone or tablet. Apps turn your phone into a pocket-sized supercomputer, helping you handle everything from booking flights to investing in the stock market. But for the entrepreneur, that’s only the beginning. Here are five useful mobile apps for small business owners.

Expand your social networking capabilities by downloading the free app by LinkedIn. There’s loads of debate about the importance of social media, but there’s no question of LinkedIn’s value for the small business owner. You’ll be able to use this app to network with other professionals in your industry, find interesting new talent to recruit onto your team and to keep abreast of the latest activity of your competitors. The app allows you to set up all sorts of updates as well, so you’ll receive a message to keep you abreast without having to even launch the app.

Organization is crucial for the success of any size business. So download Evernote and you’ll easily manage every task on your ‘to do’ list. This app has won several design awards, and each one is well deserved. Evernote gives you the ability to create and adjust lists, take notes on the fly, attach photos, videos and voice comments and share it all with the other members of your team. You can also use this same app and account across all of your devices, meaning the information you input in your smartphone app will be immediately available on your tablet and laptop computer as well.

If you spend a lot of time networking, you’re probably inundated with business cards. You want to keep all of that contact information in one place, but the paper rolodex is a serious dinosaur at this point. Check out Card Munch, an app that now ties directly into your LinkedIn account. With Card Munch, you’ll be able to take a picture of a business card with your smartphone’s camera. The app will convert that image into a digital contact, adding it to your primary contact list. You can also connect that contact information to the person’s LinkedIn profile, giving you a total picture of everything you need to know.

Data sharing can be tricky when you’re on the go, but you won’t always have access to your home computer. So download the free Dropbox app, and you’ll have no problem sharing files across all of your devices. You’ll simply click-and-drag a document, video, photo or music file into the Dropbox app, and after that it will be available on all devices where you’ve installed the program. You can also create shared access, so your employees and supervisors can grab what they need on the go as well.

If you run a web-based business, you’ve got a lot more to worry about than spending to protect your bubble’s cell phone insurance plan. You invest significantly in online advertising, and you won’t always be at the office when you need to check in on the effectiveness on a campaign. Download the Analytics app from Google and you can keep taps on current web traffic. It breaks everything down to show you the most popular content and referral sources, helping you change tactics quickly if need be.