Shopping for office space is an important task that deserves all of your attention. Here you decide where your business will operate and how it will evolve in the future. The right office space is truly priceless, but how can you decide what will work best for your business? Remember these key considerations that can help determine whether any given office space is right for your business and you.

  1. Room to Grow
    Choosing an office space that suits your needs today might put you back on the real estate market quicker than you’d expect. Every business should have growth in its mind, and you should have growth in mind when you shop for office space. Don’t jump on an office that just barely fits all of your current employees and office equipment, or you’ll find yourself straining for extra space when business starts to expand. Look for a space that offers you room to grow, so that your increasing success won’t become a burden in the future.
  2. Staying Within Your Budget
    You might find what seems like the perfect space for your office, only to realize that it is outside of the realm of realistic thinking given your current budget. Resist the urge to spend more than you can afford on any office space. Even if it offers everything you need and want for your business, an office that is out of your budget will only serve to make your business struggle. Decide on a budget and stick to it.
  3. To Lease or to Buy
    Depending on your current needs and resources, you may want to lease an office, or you may be interested in buying your space. Be sure to consider this decision carefully. Buying an office space can mean a significant investment, but it may be worth the cost if you’ve found a place to set up permanent headquarters. Of course if the funds aren’t available, this kind of asset purchasing may be outside of your means. Determine whether or not you’re capable of buying an office space, as well as whether leasing may be the more prudent decision.
  4. Pleasing Your Employees
    When trying to figure out what is best for your business, it is also important to think about what is best for your employees. Your valued team members are the people who will help your business grow and reach its goals, and your office space should be as ideal for them as it is for you. Bring your team along to tour various office spaces when you shop, and take their opinions into consideration.
  5. Location, Location, Location
    Where are you going to set up headquarters? While office space in NYC may be your dream, a more out of the way location might serve your needs just as well. If you don’t have clients coming in for face time on a regular basis, then placing yourself in a highly visible city center building isn’t too important. On the other hand, if you need to give your clients easy access for frequent visits, an office in the suburbs won’t encourage business growth. Think about location when you analyze your needs for office space, and you’re sure to find something that works for you.