You might be thinking that it’s easy to recruit new employees with the economy the way it is. However, because the job market is so low and unemployment is so high, it actually makes finding quality employees even more of challenge than before the crash. Yet, if you narrow down and streamline your recruiting methods, it will make it easier and less time consuming to find talented hires. Moreover, you can even make finding new employees fun and less of a headache, for you and the people who are going through the application process. And some of these methods can even offer the employer the unique opportunity of having a lot more control as to who gets to apply for the job and who doesn’t. Here are 5 creative and inexpensive ways to recruit new employees.

  1. One fun and cost effective ways to recruit new employees is to make it a contest. Contests will always get people interested and when the winning prize is a job or a career it will get even more notice, especially in this day and age. You can post the rules of the contest online or you can put a message out via some sort of press release service. For instance, if you are an ad agency, you can have applicants create some sort of commercial for your business and who ever creates the best one gets the position.
  2. You can also post the available position on many of the free job forum websites. These sites get millions of viewers each day from people who are looking for furniture, lost pets and even jobs. All you have to do is make a fun and creative ad for the job available at your company and ask for the cleverest responses. You could even go into the resume section to see if you can browse through and select the candidate yourself.
  3. Next, you can also head hunt possible employees at other establishments. This can actually be a fun process for employers, because you might be offering a better opportunity to someone who might be in a dead end or low wage job. If you are at a restaurant and you encounter a particularly affable waiter, perhaps he or she would be perfect for the position at your company.
  4. Employers can also use the power of social networking. While applicant tracking is a great way to get through the hundreds of resumes you have on your desk, you can also put a post out on your business’ social networking page and ask for responses pertaining to the position available. You can give hints at first and then if you find someone who is responding with particularly smart answers you can ask them if they would be interested in applying for the job or coming in for an interview.
  5. Lastly, search the Internet for individuals in your area who have the knowledge or experience that is required for the position you have available. Many of the times, you will find websites or blogs with all their past work experiences and more. If they look right for the job, you can simply email them to offer the position right on the spot or ask them to come in for an interview first.