Many employers are pensive about the idea of telecommuting in their businesses, fearing that employees won’t be able to live up to their expectations without supervision. Traditional office paradigms have been standard in the workplace for years, but modern technology is making telecommuting an increasingly viable option for many businesses. Rather than being detrimental to business, there are actually many benefits to be enjoyed by employers who allow their workers to telecommute.

  1. Boost Employee Morale
    Happy employees make for a better business, and allowing the option of telecommuting is a great way to give employee morale a boost. Office environments can be stifling and oppressive, which often leads to a feeling of boredom and stagnancy at work. Employees who are able to telecommute 1 or 2 days each week benefit from the change of scenery and atmosphere, and their brighter dispositions can be felt throughout the entire company. Employers seeking to improve employee morale in their companies should consider telecommuting as one of their options.
  2. Reduce Office Expenses
    Every business has two issues to deal with on a daily basis; increasing profits and decreasing expenses. There are numerous necessary expenses in business that can’t be avoided, but office expenses can be greatly reduced by allowing employees to telecommute. Less employees in the office means less consumption of energy and office supplies on a regular basis. Employees who telecommute full-time relieve the company’s financial strain even further by dissolving the employer’s responsibility to provide working space and equipment. All in all, telecommuting is great for reducing regular office expenses.
  3. Become More Eco-Friendly
    Businesses everywhere have environmental consciousness on their minds more than ever. Not only are employers themselves concerned with sustainability and green business practices, but customers are becoming increasingly infatuated with eco-friendly companies. A business that allows telecommuting for its staff greatly reduces its environmental impact. Fewer employees need to commute to work, and the office itself greatly reduces its consumption of resources. Telecommuting is a great way to make any business more sustainable and eco-friendly for the green age.
  4. Raise Productivity Levels
    Despite many employers’ worries about decreased efficiency as a result of telecommuting, allowing employees to work from home can actually enhance productivity in a very real way. Not every employee works most productively at the same time of day, or in the same environment. Every telecommuting worker can create his or her own employee schedule to maximize productivity by working at their own optimal time of day. The 9 to 5 office schedule is a compromise that works for most, but allowing employees to craft their own schedules can greatly enhance productivity.
  5. Create a More Harmonious Workplace
    Employers make numerous compromises when they hire employees. Very often, the most qualified employee might be one who does not really gel with other workers. An office is very much like a family, and keeping people together for 40 hours every week can lead to conflict and strained relationships. Allowing employees to telecommute gives workers the option to get away from the office and take a break from the usual interactions that can become stressful. This leads to a more healthy and harmonious workplace, one of the greatest benefits of allowing employees to telecommute.