Today’s business enjoys all sorts of benefits that previous generations never had at their disposal. Thanks to modern technology, the entrepreneur of the new millennium can easily and inexpensively reach a potential audience of millions of people all across the world. Printing is cheaper and easier than ever before, information is protected with government level encryption programs, and can be shared with associates and clients across the world instantaneously, with a couple of simple clicks of the mouse. But the virtual phone system may be one of the most useful perks modern technology has to offer. Basically, you can set up an account through one of the major online providers, and send and receive calls through your computer from anywhere you might be doing business. Here are five benefits of a virtual phone system for your business.

The first benefit is probably the most important one, and that’s saving money. Regardless of the size of the business, maintaining a firm hold on the bottom line is always crucial. Any way you can get the same functionality while cutting down on monthly bills should always be explored. Virtual phone systems are incredibly affordable, and almost always cheaper than traditional phone services. They also come with most of the feature sets you are used to, so you won’t have to pay for additional hardware like expensive business phones.

The virtual phone system is also transferrable in ways that help you conduct business out of the office. One of the best options available is to have calls rerouted to additional phone numbers. Basically, if you’re heading out of the office for a meeting you can set your virtual phone system to reroute calls to your smartphone. The caller will use the same number, but you’ll see the call coming in from your office line. This way you’ll never miss an important call, or have to put off stepping out the door because an expected call is delayed.

You’ll also get to choose your area code with a virtual phone system. This is crucial for international businesses. Customers won’t be as comfortable dialing an international number to get in touch with you, nor will they want to pay those expensive international rates. By choosing your area code, you can set up a service that’s local to where most of your customers reside. And you’ll be able to send and receive calls from that number even if you travel far outside the confines of that calling zone.

Without much added expense, you’ll be able to set up a virtual phone system to manage your entire office. All services come with digital message boxes, and you can set up a dedicated box for every one of your employees. You can set up different answering messages for every desk in the office, and many companies also provide the option of a digital secretarial service. So you can use that virtual phone number as your main office line, and set up a switching system that allows the caller to dial through a list of extensions.

Finally, you can even set up various ringtones to help you figure out who is calling in advance. For example, a doctor’s office could add a specific ringtone to their premier patient line, to make sure those high priority calls are never allowed to go to voicemail. Your employees can set different rings for personal versus business calls, and their supervisors could get a dedicated tone as well. If the goal is optimal customer service, there may be no better option than the virtual phone system.